Retail Lasso external graphics pictured

Fudzilla: "We had a chance to see the Fujitsu Siemens soon to become retail, Lasso product. The ATI name is called XGP and Amilo will be the first notebook to have one.

We wrote that this external graphics has an RV670-based GPU, or should we say that Lasso has an M88 mobile version of the same GPU, and it doesn't get that hot after a few hours of work.

We were asked not to do any benchmarks, but we saw how the retail unit looks and that it looks fine enough to start shipping shortly. This XGP actually supports PCIe 8X, which is more than enough to run Vista; and for the time being, you can run Lasso 3D on an external monitor, but at a later time you will be able to play Lasso accelerated games on your notebook display."

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joemayo763696d ago

I could use one of those for my laptop thats for I mean college work ;)

Looks nice but wanna see it in action 1st

ThanatosDMC3696d ago

Yup, same here... college work... umm... yeah.