10 memorable moments in MGS4

CVG picks the 10 most memorable highlights of Kojima's stealth epic.

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White-Sharingan3663d ago

"And so, stealth suit popping and burning from Snake's body, you must hammer X to push him on. "

lies, it was the triangle ;[

-anyways they should of added times like when Akiba took his mask off, the ghosts, when a car flies on top of you in slow motion (act 3), etc xD

DavidMacDougall3663d ago

Act 4 when you fight that guy , then after your fleeing down the long straight in the thing with the guns killing many of them bad robots with a minigun and it dont even lag !!!

riqued3663d ago

To be honest I didn't like that fight! I was trying to play what was happening to my left and watch the awesomeness to my right! I got a friend to play that fight again just so I could watch Raiden vs Vamp.

AngryHippo3663d ago

....the whole game is memorable. Its great.

resistance1003663d ago

major spoilers in there, so those who havn't played it yet, back away

OgTheClever3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

What sets it apart from emotional sequences in other games and even films is the way it engages you.

In a sense, you quite literally feel Snakes pain and therefore it puts you much closer to the scene. Also the fact you can see the seemingly fruitless trails of Snake's friends and allies makes it all the more heart wrenching and gives you the determination to keep on fighting.

It also almost seems that the points where Snake falls more occur at the time where the influx of lactic acid increases; I really do think it works this well.

Hideo Kojima, for passing these types of experiences onto the world I can only salute you.


liquidsnake3663d ago

I actually cried during that microwave scene. The tears was pouring down my cheeks as I mashed the triangle button couse I was sure that Snake was going to get KFC in there.

Milky Joe3663d ago

This section was really amazing because as you were frantically tapping triangle you started to think to yourself "My body just can't do this." and I'd say that's pretty meaningful considering Snake's condition.

xionpunk3663d ago

What an awesome way to implement the traditional "torture" , tap the triangle button like a madman, sequence. Only this time, Snake purposely puts himself through it. One of t greatest (and most exhausting) game moments ever.

Dark General3663d ago

When i got to that part i was thinking "This really is one of the greatest of all time" to capture a moment like that. Also by the time he was crawling my finger was tired but i had to go on seeing Akiba get shot and the Mark 3 trying to cheer me on i had to do it. That and the final boss battle was one of the greatest moments in gaming as far as i'am concerned.

ThanatosDMC3663d ago

I know, Solid Snake took a load of crap to get that far... i didnt think he was gonna make it. I thought that's where the story would end!

Because after all he's been through especially all those scenes before each act ended... he went through hell!

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Surfman3663d ago

my top 3:
1.Microwave chamber
2.Snake vs Liquid Fight
3.Armless Raiden helping Snake

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