Top 12 Games Of Summer

Need a good reason to stay out of the sun this summer? We've got a dozen.

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SullyDrake3609d ago

... the PS3 games have Trophies. You've raised our expectations, don't cripple them now.

Old Snake3609d ago

lol The official olypmics game is one of the hottest games of summer?

archpsyker3609d ago

I only see one . . . . . Spore.

butterfinger3609d ago

this list sort of blows. No Ninja Gaiden 2 or MGS4? I truly hope that nobody bases their purchases off of this list.

The Dark Side3609d ago

They are not officially summer games because they came out before summer begin.

Shroomy3609d ago

Summer games listed for September, brilliant!

What about Brothers In Arms? aren't expectations high for it?

The Dark Side3609d ago

Compare to games like Mario Slugger and Beijing, you got to be kidding me.

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