PlayStation Now (2015) Streaming Service Overview Review on Popzara

Sony finally brings subscriptions to its unpopular streaming games service; Popzara editor and streaming champ Cory takes the updated PlayStation for a spin.

Full review by Cory Galliher on Popzara

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Rimeskeem1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

I tried it today and with my average internet it worked. Still to expensive though. I'd say take 75% off the price for PS+ members or more and maybe that will move people more. 5$ a month or 12$ for 3 months sounds significantly better to me.

This is of course my opinion which people may disagree with

Blackleg-sanji1403d ago

$5 a month..i think it could be a lil cheaper too but thats just unrealistic could have at least said 10 or 12 man

Travis37081403d ago

$15 a month would be perfect. But I'm totally fine with paying $20 a month, it has so many PS3 games that I can't play them all!!! Just imagine PS now at the end of Feb.

1403d ago
Rimeskeem1403d ago

I guess I'm either optimistic or a cheap basterd : p

Travis37081403d ago

I been using it on Vita all day! It's so awesome!!!!! Ratchet & Clank into the nexus looks beautiful on Vita.

Blackleg-sanji1403d ago

I just beat frontal assault not to long ago im loving this service

Eonjay1403d ago

I'm playing that game as well. Love it it runs great. Loads fast and controls great on Vita and PS4 :)

MasterCornholio1403d ago

Can I say something?

Dang you Sony. Bring it to Europe already. I'm really dying to try out the service.

etownone1403d ago

It's just so awesome playing ps3 games on the Vita.

Coming from a guy that skipped ps3, but has a ps4.

It's like having a ps3 in the palm of your hand. God Ascension, Uncharted and Killzone 3.... All look and play amazing.

Thank you Sony!!!!

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Tibasco1403d ago

Anyone else notice that the PS Now subscription limits you to a selection 104 out of the 246 total PS Now library? The rest have to be rented individually. I was under the impression that the subscription would let play everything in the PS Now library. I think that's pretty lame.

URNightmare1403d ago

Damn! Sony just let everyone play 104 games free for 7 days, how lame! 😒

Tibasco1402d ago

Ok, so what about after the 7 day free trial is over with and you're now PAYING for only half the available library. I guess that's awesome right?

I'm not dissing the free trial, but if it represents the way the full subscription service is going to be then it doesn't seem like a good deal to me.

GameBoyColor1403d ago

104 games Damn. instant access too. Damn

Me-Time1402d ago

I was wondering about that too. Does the free trial limit the amount of games available? Honest question. But I think it's answered now.

DEEBO1403d ago

See this is how you know if something is worth buying by people tgat really owned the product.

I think it's great can be better but over time with sony's gaming catalogue this service is going to be around for a long time.