Why LoTRO is Better Than AoC

MMOCrunch: "What!? That might be what your thinking at this very moment, but allow me to explain. When I first started playing LoTRO I knew exactly what I was getting into. A MMORPG that was basically a clone of WoW but in the Lord of the Rings universe. I expected many quests, I knew it had a very weak PvP system and that most of the game play was based on questing and raids. That was ok with me. Being a huge LoRT fan I was looking forward to meeting many of the characters from the books, exploring the lands and partaking in the LoTR lore. I was not disappointed. For the first few months I immensely enjoyed the game, up until I finished the main storyline and had to wait for future updates. At this point I started to look else where for my MMORPG fix. Which brings me to AoC."

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Spydiggity3691d ago

is a WoW wannabe.

during the beta i played it and said that in the general chat, and i got banned. lol. they were obviously trying very hard to keep that secret from getting out.

Bestgameever3691d ago

Hes right though... Why do we have to spend 100+ hours to get to the part of the game thats fun?

I did the whole grind in previous mmo's and just don't feel like going through the whole thing all over again. I'd much rather just wait for the next expainsion for wow, where i can use my already max level char.

DirtyLary3691d ago

But that's the whole point of subscription business. String the customer along and milk for money till people cry. Go as far as you can then repeat the process with a patch. Hope the player base is dumb enough to chase those dangling carrots all over again ,rinse repeat for years to come. ie: the wow zombie player community.