Play Super Chuck Norris Bros.

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

"The "Super Chuck Noris Bros." teaser first appeared on YouTube in 2006, and the gaming world must have known it would only be a matter of time before a playable game surfaced on the web. The following demo video will give you a glimpse at the chock full of chuck experience that is Super Chuck Norris Bros. Watch the it and download the actual game after the jump."

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BigKev453575d ago

No Chuck. But we all know no one can mess with Norris. Hey Hey Hey!

AllroundGamer3575d ago

i pretty much use mostly the smash kick (down+space in the air), because it has a neat effect. I would really like to play the full game.

STEVIE_3575d ago

It can be finished in approximately 10 seconds if you just hold down the 'right' direction key! lol

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