4 Games We Want Hideo Kojima to Work on After Metal Gear Solid "We take a look at four Hideo Kojima games that we would like to see resurrected."

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niall773422d ago

a developer as creative as Kojima shouldnt be limited by what he has already done.

Let Kojima Run Free

Capt CHAOS3422d ago

and they could call it..

iwo jima Kojima, just because it sounds cool.

Angelitos3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, Kojima will never make a game exclusively for your fixme dvd player. Poor Xbots, swapping cds was last gen. Poor Xbots, don't start with the crap with game installs, because Soul Caliber 4 for the 360 needs an install, hahhaahaha, how about the 360 arcade owners? Poor Xbots, the people who own the arcade version of the fixme dvd player version, have to buy a very overpriced hard drive for their fixme dvd player.

Poor Xbots

DavidMacDougall3422d ago

Love the commitment to the bit

poos33421d ago

lol all these games are a joke tbh haha why is jojimma even called a great dev ? mgs1 was amamzing but after that everything was average.

Angelitos3422d ago

I would like for him to make a RPG

Angelitos3422d ago

A disagree?

I think he would make a very interesting RPG

PR0F3TA3422d ago

i disagree but i didn't click, RPG would be good for RPG fans, and im not a fan of RPG's myself. Just my personal opinion of course.

what would be cool is a totally new genre of gaming. Kojima invented the Stelth genre. Imagine a new one...

AllroundGamer3422d ago

and he would implement a new skill in the turnbase RPG - Hide :)

gaffyh3422d ago

I don't care what he does, as long as it is ZOE, I don't see what is soo great about it

Lyan3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Angelitos, I disagree mainly due to the fact that his games employ great dynamics in action. His stories however tend to be a little heavy handed. I know this is mostly due to style in story telling and cultural emphasis on the importance of certain story elements, but even so they are heavy handed. I'm afraid that if he were to focus on an RPG that he would bring some interesting mechanics to a genre that could use something fresh, but the story, which is the focus of RPGs, would be unattractive and monotonous. Just my opinion and perspective.

ZoE would be awesome on current gen consoles. Battles would be epic!

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Gitaroo3422d ago

I want a new snatcher and policenauts with MGS4 gameplay and mgo skill system for the rpg element.

juuken3422d ago


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