Wii Fit flops in Japan. Gamers quit after buying

One of the reasons health clubs stay in business is by signing up people to yearly contracts.
What they know and the general public doesn't know is that a great majority of people who do sign up only attend about 57 days out of the full year while some drop out completely, thus affording more space in the gym for more people to sign up and fail to show.

It seems that Wii Fit, at least in Japan, is taking on similar characteristics in consumer behavior. According to ITMeida of Japan, a poll was taken by a group of 1000 gamers that showed a staggering amount of people not using the Wii Fit game shortly after purchase.

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ChickeyCantor3548d ago

1000 gamers =/= japan.
I lold, how is it a flop if it keeps selling like crazy?

gaffyh3548d ago

But the thing is it isn't a flop, those people who don't play it still bought WiiFit because of the novelty value it had, meaning it's not a flop in Nintendo's eyes. This is the main reason I'm not buying a Wii (I would like to buy one, but I'm resisting), I know that after a week I would be completely bored with it.

Nintendo could release their power glove again and call it a WiiHand or something and it would sell millions. I hate Nintendo now, they used to be great, their DS is still pretty good, but all the games are crap (apart from Zelda). :(

SaiyanFury3548d ago

Like many Nintendo outings, Wii-Fit sold well in the beginning, but ultimately fell short as another gimmick. Once the early adopters have had their fill, it traipses off. Sadly one of Nintendo's fallback tendencies. The article's right though, many people sign up with a gym with the intention of getting in shape over the long term, but most just make excuses and get lazy. I workout at home (not on Wii Fit) with weights and various cardio exercises. Hell, even DDR over the course of an hour can sweat you up good. I wouldn't call Wii Fit a flop since it's sold well, but gimmicks often get old after a while. This just proves it.

daous3548d ago

If you've ever studied how statistics works, then you would know that 1000 people = a representative sample of the general population's opinion.

Assuming that the survey interviewed 1000 RANDOMLY chosen people who own Wii Fit, then this is a very accurate assessment of how many Wii Fit owners quit, ratio-wise.

These Japanese surveys are obviously not calling Wii Fit a "flop" in terms of sales number and profit (for Nintendo), but rather that it failed to make any significant improvement in making (Japanese) people motivated to want to stay fit/lose weight.

In other words: the number of people who stay on the "Wii Fit" fitness exercise is not significantly different than the people who stay on any typical health club / program. That's why it flopped in Japan. People thought Nintendo would revolutionize (which is what the codename for the Wii was) exercising (as well as incentives to continue exercising) with Wii Fit. However, the survey pretty much states that Wii Fit is no different from any other fitness thing, and didn't really bring in any new groups of people.

Tons of surveys (e.g. for elections, research, etc.) can only do this type of representative sampling, because of cost and time. This should be common knowledge to any person who understands statistics.

Thoas3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Many people regret buying a Wii after playing it for 2 hours.

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Monteblanco3548d ago

Poor journalism. The title is very tendentious, as Wii Fit is a commercial success and not a flop. Regarding the use, 22% doesn't sound bad. I don't know the number but it is probably as good as other home fitness products. Health clubs may need a flux of new clients or year long contracts, Nintendo just want an one time sale. I imagine that after more games start using the balance board, Wii Fit will sell even better.

0987773548d ago

I agree with monteblanco as more games come out using the balance board { rabbids TV party, and we ski} wii fit will sell more but gaffyh I have had a wii for almost a year now and i am hard core any body agree with me?

mistertwoturbo3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Poor reading comprehension Monte. It's not that it's a Sales Flop. It's obviously selling well. But what good is it if more than half of the people don't even use it anymore. Either way, Nintendo is making millions and it's a win for them.

niall773548d ago

but 2 million people in Japan bought it so who is the real loser?

The people who spent there money on something the dont use or Nintendo in there new solid gold corpret HQ

MK_Red3548d ago

WTF!? I'm a Wii Fit hater and love to see it flop but the thing sold really well and we only had a report that some people quit playing it. Still, it has sold more than a million there, more than MGS4!!! Is that called a flop!!!???

(I pray with all my heart that MGS4 crushes Wii Fit but it's not gonna happen. Casual games still sell the most and garbage like Wii Fit has sold millions worldwise... sadly).

Still, Wii Fit was a huge success if those million sales are any indication.

ChickeyCantor3548d ago

they agree on you, but not on me. We basically said the same thing ....
O well.

DreDawgg063548d ago

Just like the Wii, Wii Fit is all hype. Nothing Nintendo has done this generation has been ground breaking or innovative. They took a simple concept, Motion controls. Dumbed it down into a toy and overpriced it, calling it a Wii.

The only good games, 1st party. Zelda, Mario could have been done on the GameCube without the motion. Its not even synced up with the users movement. Its just jestering motion controls. One action resemebles the real action and creates a reaction. Its BS guys.
I honestly have no clue how gamers have the Wii as their primary console. It is completely a fad and Americans for the most part are too stupid to see past it.

Voiceofreason3548d ago

You've never played a Wii. Ever. Your entire post proves that.

kevin11223548d ago

voice, his comment is actually dead on. The games could of been done on a gamecube.

Testo3548d ago

Zelda DID come out on the Wii AND the Gamecube!

Wii = Gamecube ver 2.2

Delt43548d ago

I just like how DreDawg points out the "stupid americans" and forgets the rest of the world. Seriously DreDawg, cause until now i thought the Wii was a success in multiple countries. Thank you for voicing an educated opinion. We all needed that. I can't believe those stupid americans.........WOW.

tweaker3548d ago

Voice, he seems to know exactly what he's talking about. I totally I agree with him as well.

Si-Pie3548d ago

Yeh I agree with him to an extent and I would never be happy with having the wii as my only primary console! however its got a handful of really good games on it which you can only get on the wii e.g mario kart and mario galaxy and thats the reason I own one. I have been disappointed with alot of the rubbish on it and alot of the motion control! However the wii really does appeal to the casual gamer and I know alot of people who hardly ever play on consoles but they bought a wii because for the odd time they do and when they have people around and it can be alot of fun! So I agree with his comments just think he is being alittle bit too harsh and not calling on a few of the good points of the wii!

KeiZka3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

One could not have done Mario on GC. Audio track alone prevents it. Also, the implementation of motion controlling, how absurd it ever is, prevents it too. It's not the same experience without them, or is it? Zelda is only ONE game out of many. Could you have done MP3 as well as it was done on Wii on GC? Nope. Could you have done the aiming system EA used on MoH:H2 on GC? Nope. Could you have managed the feeling of Excite Truck on GC? Never.

What the HELL are you idiots crying about? Wii and GC, though similar, are not the same system. Or should I start going around calling people idiots since PS3 is essentially PS2 with doubled GFX power, and X0 being a Xbox with doubled GFX power compared to earlier one? What the hell are you people smoking? True, Wii may "lack" in graphical department (I've yet to see any dedicated developing for it), but it isn't GC by any standards. Just like PS3 isn't PS2 by any standards or how X0 isn't Xbox by any standards. It's all in our perception. You either hate it, be ignorant or neutral of it, or love it. I'd love to be in the middle, but with all idiots around here, I tend to lean to last one. Wonder why? Because I hate idiots.

Edit: Those who cry about "I couldn't be happy to have Wii as my main console", get a PC. Problem solved. You can have relaxing games on console (Wii), and then have tedious and truly "hobbysome" games on PC. It isn't really that hard. And if you are to complain about the costs, if you want to "truly" enjoy HD material that PS3 and X0 bring out, factor in the cost of that television you'll need for that... PC will be cheaper in the end, unless the HD TV you get is utter garbage.

And Testo, because one game came out on both, means exactly what? I see reiterations of Singstar on PS3, I doubt they are THAT consuming on PS3's tech specs...

ChickeyCantor3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Well no Sh/t...the game was originally developed for the GCN but because the Wii was released almost in the same time period they PORTED it over to the Wii. not the other way around

EL MAESTRO3548d ago

is not gamers that have the wii as theyre primary counsel. is regular people and small percentage of real gamers. its a toy thats hot now, just like tickle me elmo..

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