Qore Episode 2 Easter Egg

Qore Episode 2 for July 2008 has a new easter egg, Death Orb Resurrection. You can find the easter egg by pressing L2 from the main menu.

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Fishy Fingers3734d ago

Cool, I love finding "hidden" freebies... Shame here in the UK Qore isn't even available GGrrrrr!!!

Chubear3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

It's part of Qore's features. Every ep will have a simple game with it and you access the game with the L2 button. It's simply part of Qore's features as an E-magazine.

.. but I guess it's good to get the news out to gamers though since it seems not many people already knew this. For $3, It's a pretty cool E-mag though. I think gamesites like IGN & gamespot charge more than that for premium access to their relative sites and offer less in features in regards to what you get for free... unless not having ad pop ups is a huge plus to you that is.

TheWickedOne3734d ago

Qore episode 2 I thought was a lot better than the 1st. Too bad the demo sorta sucked, not my kind of game. The hidden game is fun.

TheWickedOne3734d ago

I liked the graphics and the gameplay was ok, just not my kind of thing. I liked how you can "spawn" sidekicks.

INehalemEXI3734d ago

I am somewhat into Naruto and was impressed with that demo. It was too short though. Only showed the battle mechanics which were excellent.

BLUR1113734d ago

Wow i'm sleepy ohhh yea N4Gnews. yawn ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Frulond3734d ago


death orb was on 1st issue also, go check if you dont believe me tho it is slightly different

aiphanes3734d ago

Monica is so fine! I think she is doing a good job. It was a good thing for sony to pick her up.

But the production value is really good on Qore.

Irving3734d ago

lol her name is Veronica, not Monica. How can anyone forget such...umm...sci-fi name :D

Chubear3734d ago

.. also, Qore isn't a PS3 or Sony product.

TheUsedVersion3733d ago

Sony trademarked it so it is a Sony product. Future just puts it together for them.

aiphanes3733d ago

Dang she is so likable! I wish my girlfriend was like her....LOL

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