Sony’s Upcoming H1Z1 Gets Mixed Beta Feedback, Is It Pay To Win?

Jon of RGN writes, "Sony had claimed early on that they were aiming to make H1Z1 fair, fun, and balanced for all players - regardless of their pay-in level or if they were just playing completely for free. In short, they promised not to break the game for profit's sake through a Pay-To-Win formula, while at the same time criticizing some games that did so in the genre. Since the particular game they chose to model H1Z1 after began as a free mod, it is pretty obvious that in-app purchases are going to be hard for PC gamers to tolerate if not placed in the game gracefully by Sony Online Entertainment."

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Jadenkorr0211136d ago

its p2w and its also Pay 2 get your $5 stolen. WTF where they even thinking? and now their defending it too. Watch for the reversal its gonna happen.

Snookies121136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

It's not really Pay 2 Win, but Pay 4 Fun. Considering when you pay it's like setting up an event for everyone. An event that they could easily just randomly schedule every day, but instead choose to make people pay for it if they want to experience it. The game looks fun, but they're already screwing up its potential with crap like this. Nice work on messing up your own game guys. :\

MysticStrummer1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

In my opinion, for this to be pay to win the person who paid would get the items directly into their inventory and would respawn with those items after they die. Paying for a crate I may never get which contains items that, even if I do get them, will be looted by whoever kills me is not pay to win.

I think this is a lot of noise that will amount to nothing. I watched too many early access streams where the person laughed at all this controversy and loved their time with the game. Things clearly aren't working as intended at the moment, but anyone who pays for "early access" should expect that.

HaveAsandwich1135d ago

i like the airdrop system. it should be cheaper, but its great.

DragoonsScaleLegends1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

It's a free to play game so I don't understand why there were so many delusional people expecting this free to play game to be different than the rest. Free to play is a horrible genre of games and they are all pay to win or else developers whould never make money.

SuperBlur1135d ago

uuh these 2 games are f2p ( as of 7:50AM East ) , are quite popular and in no way pay 2 win. H1Z1 had the potential to be as popular as either two of them . They goofed up and now the image of the game is as stained if not more then that failure of warz. I was entertaining to play the game when it officially launch but F that.

Pintheshadows1135d ago

Team Fortress 2 is pay to hat.

urwifeminder1135d ago

Not many free to play games are any good Planetside 2 is free to grind may have been good off the shelf.

Perjoss1135d ago

From what I've seen and read the p2w stuff is the least of this games problems.

bumnut1135d ago

Thats true, I tried to play it at a friends last night and it was unplayable.

10 second lag when interacting with anything, other players lagging out and jumping all over then vanishing, zombies that did not even react when you hit them.

It needs a lot of work

Perjoss1135d ago

Exactly. I do understand that its early access and all but I'm really surprised when I see the state that some of these early access games are released in. You need to release something at least remotely playable or people will just laugh at you.

Maxor1135d ago

This game sucks. Period. The saddest thing about this game is Sony failure to innovate. Instead of improving this genre or adding new social systems, Sony decided to crank out a FailZ clone and monitize it. At its core this game is still the same soulless rape train where survivors with assault rifles and sniper rifles, goes around hunting down defenseless noobs.

il-JumperMT1135d ago

F2P is a Horrible Genre. The only good F2P which is not Pay to Win is DOTA2 and Team Fortress.

Bladesfist1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

And GW2 and CS:GO, plenty of F2P games focus on cosmetic items.

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