SEGA unveils yet another Nintendo DS RPG exclusive

SEGA has been on a roll lately, bombarding both the Nintendo DS and Wii with numerous exclusive titles. We have already seen a slew of home console Wii revivals published / developed (House of the Dead, NiGHTS, Samba de Amigo), plus recent announcements of Platinum Games's gory MadWorld, whilst the Nintendo DS has the former Clover Studio team's Science Fiction RPG 'Infinite Line', as well as Image Epoch's RPG 'World Destruction'. But it seems Nintendo's previous fierce rival has plenty more to offer fans.

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PS360WII3666d ago

Well the DS is the place for RPGs so glad another one from Sega is in the works ^^

jay23665d ago

If only Sega made a new kickass console and their own games exclusivly for it, then they'ed save them selves.

Vicophine3665d ago

The site is called ""...I wonder who the idiot who picked that is :D

titntin3665d ago

No suprises that Sega don't make money any more and have had to sell so many of their development assets.

Ds is about the only they are tooled for now. Such a shame... I had experience of working with Sega beack in the glory days, when they were a true world force in Development, but they lost the plot...

Perverted3665d ago

Instead of typing about SEGA and their demise....I'll say: I think the game looks pretty good, or sounds pretty good.....

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