MotorStorm Dev Mouths Off

Evolution Studios talks downable content, equalling that E3 trailer and what's next for MotorStorm.

UK, November 30, 2006 - When PlayStation 3 launches in Europe next year, there's one game that will be at the top of everyone's must-have list - MotorStorm. And for good reason too because, although it's a first-generation title, it not only shows the sheer grunt and visual prowess of the machine, it's also the first true step into the next generation.

Martin Kenwright, CEO of Evolution, is understandably happy with the project that's dominated his last three years then, and couldn't help but smile when IGN UK visited his Cheshire studio to talk about the conception of his latest baby and what's next for Evolution.

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DJ4397d ago

This little sentence at the end made me wonder if he knows something we don't.

"Within five to ten years will be competing directly with the movie industry in terms of visual fidelity, except we'll have the edge because our medium is interactive. I think games like Killzone will start setting the bar for what is possible."

Making interactive film is a pretty high goal, but it's inevitable. It'll basically come down to watching the same piece of cinema over and over for $20, or playing a piece of cinema that's different every time for $60~70.

Retard4397d ago

See that vid of 'OMG, Pain!'

Great stuff...

DJ4396d ago

It just kept going and going. I was like "Goddamn!" haha. The other vids had some sick crashes too.

Bhai4396d ago

In terms of defining the future, I guess MotorStorm here pretty much sets the bar in re-imagining of what exactly is next-gen al about. Its the perfect blend of hi-res visuals, physics, procedural synthesis and particle effects. In this way MotorStorm is right now topping at what is my most anticipated PS3 launch-window titles lineup, including VF5, Lair and Heavenly Sword.

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TheMART4397d ago

"it's also the first true step into the next generation"

No it isn't. Gears was. Sorry guys.

But a nice game. Congratulations where congrats have to be given. Many games have been a downer on the PS3. Hyped up but not living up to the hype.

Motorstorm seems very good. Although still not the CGI shown @ E3 2005, it's good enough. Have fun playing it when you bought the 600 dollar machine for this game!

Retard4397d ago

For the WAY OFF TOPIC post!

big_tim4397d ago

a first in next generation. Mart have you played the demo yet. The demo build is extremely close to the E3 trailer. Obviously the angles when playing are different from the trailers angles, but the clarity and graphics are there. With both Gears and Motorstorm setting the bar, I am excited to see how far they can push both systems.
Come next year when the better games come out.

Now...bring on killzone...

eques judicii4396d ago

lack of anti-aliasing... low res shadows... and a framerate that never hits 30 fps... makes for a miserable looking game... plus the cars don't feel like they have any speed and the controls are extremely loose... plus the collision detection is weak, you'll crash sometimes when you barely hit anything and then you'll go right into something and come out unscathed...

everyone at my work who has played this (we have a kiosk, finally, at our EB games) agrees that it is lackluster...

Maddens Raiders4396d ago

is a bonified Sony hater or a lone apologist for the PS3. The PS3 haters run in packs at EB and you'll find the one or two PS3 lovers huddling in a corner for fear of retribution - - I guess getting fired! That's why I tell everyone I know not to go there all together. From TX to Missouri, Florida & even Illinois I've seen this type of skewed, biased, and irresponsible thinking from EB managers and staff.

I've got the downloaded trailer on my console & have a request to fire it up from my friends (who own other game systems) quite frequently. It's a beautiful looking game that has not only captured the atention of the industry, but obviously gamers of all ilk worldwide.

eques judicii4395d ago

before dissing an entire company maybe you should check yourself... EB games/gamestop is a very loyal supporter of the sony platforms... this is why half of our inventory is sony and the most frequently bought console is the ps2 from our stores. However, when sony says one thing to us and then does another consistently enough, of course employees might get a little upset. But we are still gamers first and we recognize great games (FFXII, okami, gta series, GT series, AC, valk prof... etc) but when sony promises a certain small number of ps3's and then backs out... then promises a ps3 kiosk 2 weeks before launch but it doesn't show up until 2 weeks after... the loyalty to sony goes out the window as they seem to treat us like second class citizens.

Now compare that with nintendo and microsoft, who constantly have their representatives bouncing from store to store, giving us freebies and keeping the kiosks running smoothly and our relations are a little better. (although we were sore with microsoft for quite sometime after m$ screwed us last year with supply)

Getting back to motorstorm (cause that's what this forum is about, not flaming a company that you are unaffiliated with) I'm only commenting on what I saw and what my friend (who goes to the art institute for game and graphic design) said when watching motorstorm.

I have heard that the downloaded version from psn looks better than the version that is in the kiosks, but I have not seen this version only the one at my store.

Madden's raiders... you need to get your sony biased ears unclogged and stop looking for haters everywhere you go, because the people I work with are simply gamers and the ps3 only offers a total of 13 games right now compared with dozens on the wii and over a hundred on the 360... do the math, right now the ps3 is lagging and its gonna take a lot of work to get back on top... its not impossible, just gonna take a lot of work because it seems everyday i have sony fanboys coming into my store and buying a 360 instead of continuing the wait for a ps3...

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SimmoUK4397d ago (Edited 4397d ago )

Your a no hoper Sony are going to wipe Microsoft under the carpet again. Remember money can't buy you everything:

This is what Kilkzo had to say on the new Motorstorm build (Final Jap version)

"In conclusion, to be quite honest we're in love with MotorStorm. When you look at this code with a forward-looking perspective, if there's one game that really shows off the POTENTIAL of the PS3 beyond Xbox 360 right now, absolutely it's MotorStorm, and Evolution is to be saluted for putting together such an awesome package. "

"It's possibly even better looking that the infamous target trailer shown 18 months ago "
"There's no question: all the neat touches they had in the questionable E3 2005 target trailer are pretty much present and respectable in some form or another in the real, final game. It's unbelievable and an absolute told-you-so victory for PS3, with some of the lushest, best-lit visuals we have seen to date. And it's the only such told-you-so on the PS3 right now"

"No matter how close passing objects or scenery are, motion blur is flawless in its execution - much, much better than we witnessed in something like Project Gotham 3, where the motion-blur compensation for framerate looked shaky. Whether that was a software or hardware performance issue, with MotorStorm - and we never thought we'd say it this - high quality, film-like motion blur at 30fps almost seems better than bleeding edge 60fps without it. We're going to hell for saying that - but this effect just looks lovely."

"So the game play's like a dream, to be quite honest. But another big part of the enjoyment is the immersive, tangible world you race in, and that's thanks not just to the physical laws of the track, but the outstanding visual quality too"
Read it and weep 360 fanboy's Motorstorm's Emergence day has come. You didn't really think the demo's from 6 months ago were going to be the final game did you. Time to trade in them 360's while you can still get $100 for them...
Gears is good and I have it but not stepping into the next generation. A bit short as well maybe they didn't have the space. Or just didn't want to set off the next gen disc swapping...

Asuka4397d ago

This post has nothing to do with 360. So mentioning it in anyway is off topic, which is spam, and this is clearly a fanboy post, and now i'm reporting it.

Stay on topic, or don't post at all.

Motorstorm is one of the games i'm for sure picking up when i get my PS3

MicroGamer4396d ago

In case you didn't notice, the post you replied to is very much on topic, and is actually on your side. What do you do?? Scan through the posts looking for 360 references and automatically shout foul when you find one?? You Sony fanboys are so rabid you'll even attack one of your own.

JIN KAZAMA4397d ago

If Gears of War has the Visual Fidelity of a movie feature, then how come NO critic has said that. Not one person that said the game is great, and I admit, the graphics are great, but in no way near the quality of special affect like a movie. Take off your MS goggles TopGamer, you are making MS look bad by just flat out lying.
MotorStorm is getting major props, dont let that burn you that much.

Asuka4397d ago

Please stay on topic, and this is PS3 related news, so mentioning anything 360 or MS is off-topic, which is spam, and which is why i'm reporting this post. Thank you for your cooperation.

xboxlj4397d ago

Dude, what is your problem? Are you the newsgroup police or something. "Stay on topic, or I am going to tell". If anything your post are what people find annoying.

Asuka4397d ago

nobody seems to like to stay on topic, and that why this site seems to be a breeding ground for flamewars. I'm simply following rules.

Which in your case your not. I'm not responding to you after this because i know you'll just argue back and i don't what to start anything.

stay on topic

(oh, and if no body enforced the rules, who going too?? i don't see anyone else trying??)

MicroGamer4396d ago

LLL is attacking someone who is actually expressing a NEGATIVE opinion of the XBox 360, in spite of the fact the he himself is a Sony fanboy. I think he is just argumentative by nature. He can't find anyone expressing any 360 fanboyism in this thread, so he is attacking his own people instead.

xboxlj4396d ago

I totally agree with you, Microgamer

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