Daily Mail Review- Beijing 2008

With this bang-up-to-date return to Olympic territory, two things are remarkable. The first is how much things have changed - graphically, sonically, aesthetically and in terms of sheer scale.

The second is how little things have changed - no matter that technology has advanced, if you want to replicate athletics in a video game you still need to waggle joysticks furiously or bash buttons until your fingers bleed.

Playing as either male or female, you can compete here in everything from the 100m sprint to the parallel bars - not to mention shooting, kayaking, weightlifting and even floor exercise.

Mostly, it is a case of building up speed by waggling while pulling the trigger to release, throw, jump, dive or lunge at the finish line. Some disciplines demand reflex button-pushing to perform rhythmically, and still more call upon you to rotate a stick to keep an icon under control as your high diver heads toward the pool.

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GiantHstx3610d ago

Dailymail reviewing games?? I thought they always said they corrupted the mind and are a really bad influence?

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