MK vs DC Universe - New Gameplay + Fatalities Confirmed

Gametrailers write:

Death of Superman? Midway shares its plan for fatalities in MK vs. DC along with brand new gameplay.

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TrevorPhillips3666d ago

game looks absolutely amazing im definetly buying this XD

jdoggystyyle3666d ago

this really made me feel ALOT better about this game....gameplay looks GREAT ..and looks like they took mk and really mixed it up ....and to b honest..the DC isnt lookin all that bad at all....fatalitys are HERE...and i can understand superman and the "good guys" not rippin a spine out but just havin a tamer type of fatality...lookin good im def buying this one

power of Green 3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

For some reason I was not interested in this game but the quality and work they put into this is outstanding seeing this gameplay footage makes me wan't this really bad.

Looks stellar this should not be passed up by anybody that likes fighting games or DC and Mortal Kombat charactors/games/universes.

For some reason I had the notion this looked bad from past content released but it looks stunning.

MK_Red3666d ago

Agreed with all your points but dude, it's Mortal "K"ombat not Combat. Bubbles for you for your great post.

Bob Dole3666d ago

This video doesn't show much, but the game does look promising. Now all they need is MK vs. Bob Dole.

TrevorPhillips3666d ago

yea i didn't know the game was gonna turn out this good watching the video 5 times makes me wanna get the game so bad :)

MK_Red3666d ago

I'm with you my friend. The vid was surprisingly good.

MK_Red3666d ago

Graphics look good but lack of over the top blood effects is really annoying me... I want my M rating BACK!

ParaDise_LosT3666d ago

I was really looking forward to eating supermans face >:(

MK_Red3666d ago

Yeah but personally, I want to rip his spine out with Sub-Zero or cut him in half with Kung Lao.
T rating SUCKS!

Omegasyde3665d ago

lol did you catch the whole part where ed boon said:

"Yea scorpion is going to do a fatality" then all of a sudden they show flashbacks but they don't show Scorpion doing the fatality in the new game!

LMAO Bring back Tobais, and fire Ed Boon.

Engine looks promising, but I said that back when deadly alliance was revealed. It seems they finally got rid of weapons (Thank god) yet know alot of people have EPHING TELEPORTATION MOVES!

I didn't know Subzero can teleport using ice ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.