Is the PS3 More Popular than the Nintendo Wii?

From the article: "Critics of the Nintendo Wii suggest that the remote control is just a gimmick, the novelty of which may soon wear off in the face of high performance consoles such as the Playstation 3. The controller also presents problems for 3rd party software vendors, because of its unique design, and Nintendo has tended to highlight its own games and been weak in its support of 3rd party titles.

The Playstation 3, on the other hand, relies on superior technology – a powerful, multicore, Cell processor, an RSX ("Reality Synthesiser") graphics chip from NVIDIA, and a maximum resolution of 1080p (in the 60GB version) – as its unique selling point."

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Tacki3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Seriously I just can't wait for the responses here in the comments. This article is even more silly than some of flamebait PS3 vs. 360 ones that pop up every other day.

This seems like it's supposed to be some kind of ego boost for Sony fans. But is that really neccessary? lol The Wii has the casual consumers firmly in its grasp. The PS3 appeals much more to hardcore gamers.

One being more 'popular' depends solely on your perspective and what markets, demograph, etc. are included. In the end people will believe whatever they want to believe.

kr90913734d ago

But I wouldn't say that the author is trying to prove that the PS3 is outselling the Wii. he is simply stating the differences in the two consoles and seems to think that in the long run, the PS3 will come out on top due to the amount of extra features the PS3 has compared to the Wii (since the Wii is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to extra features whether you are comparing it to the PS3 OR the 360.)

Im sure the PS3 will EVENTUALLY catch up to the Wii considering the PS3 has approached Wii sales numbers on a few occasions, but not anytime soon. That's my two cents.

Jamie Foxx3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

but things are turning and the ps3 is starting to make the right steps.

sony should have thought out the ps3 more though-no ingame xmb or rumble controllers at the launch was just the tip of a very big iceberg of mistakes but slowly but surely things are looking up, only good thing sony wont make the same mistakes come ps4 fingers burnt and all that

plenty a tool3734d ago

yeah ofcourse it's more popular. sony must be rubbing their hands!

in japan sony average 9k a week sales whilst nintendo average 50k

in europe sony average 50k a week whilst nintendo average over 100k

in NA sony average 50k a week whilst nintendo average over 100k
NA and europe are pretty much the same.

you can just see how much more popular the ps3 is compared to the wii???????

what a ridiculous article. who approved this garbage????????????

harrisk9543734d ago

First of all, the title is completely misleading. It is not about the "popularity" of either system... it is comparing the specs and technology... of course the PS3 is a more advanced system, but that has nothing to do with the popularity contest, which (unfortunately) the Wii is winning.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

No rumble was due to the law sue they had about the PlayStation 2 and was settled just before the launch of the PlayStation 3. On that part Sony had no choice but to get rid of the technology for a while. With in-game XMB I think Sony just wanted the console out so by the end of 2008 everything should be on par.

With the choices with the PlayStation 3 I think it was genius because who's really ready to buy a new console in 2010? Sony's console is future proof it has the technology with stand the next competition for a while. With the PlayStation 4 they should focus of how we interact with video games rather than features.

iamtehpwn3733d ago

Older audiences and women are able to access the Wii, and propel them into video games. I personally think it's great that it's doing it.

As an owner of all 3 consoles, I definitely feel that PS3 is the one with the most potential for us in the hardcore, However, I also feel PS3 being able to reach to a casual audience the same way PS2 did.

However, Wii is definitely breaking bounds with the casual, and I enjoy playing Wii myself sometimes. The experience of just "hoping in to the game" is pretty cool. I mean, I can always just hop on for a second, collect a star or two, on Mario Galaxy, and stop playing. =P

MADGameR3733d ago

The only reason the Wii is selling is because of its price so why bother posting this? If the PS3 had the same price as the Wii, THEN the popularity would be comparable. But seriously, there's nothing about the Wii that appeals to me but the Resident Evil games. Thats all. Mario? What a joke!

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kr90913734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Im not sure if they are up to date on the latest PS3 info.

1. They mention the 60gb version which has obviously been discontinued.

Quote: "The Playstation 3, on the other hand, relies on superior technology – a powerful, multicore, Cell processor, an RSX (”Reality Synthesiser”) graphics chip from NVIDIA, and a maximum resolution of 1080p (in the 60GB version) – as its unique selling point."

2. They state that PS3 controllers have no rumble functionality. Which is true to some extent because the sixaxis does not have rumble but if you really wanted rumble then you could just buy a DS3.

Quote: "The Playstation 3 also features a wireless, motion-sensitive, controller – known as the “SixAxis” – but this lacks the force feedback, or “rumble”, feature available on the Nintendo Wii."

EDIT: Thanks for clearing that up tay. I didn't catch that.

TayTayShaniqua3734d ago

"They state that PS3 controllers have no ruble functionality."

That's because the article is from the UK where the DS3 isn't out yet.

pwnsause3734d ago

isnt it out now? i thought it came out yesterday?

shadowghost7523734d ago

The Dual shock 3 is out and came out yesterday, i know because i bought one yesterday

ash_divine3734d ago

but the truth is... it sucked. it just compared the two's specs, without even stating how they came to the conclusion that they did. the worst part is that the writer left the article so open-ended making seem as if the writer was just comparing facts for the heck of it.

PS: i love my PS3 but looking at the sales of the Wii there's no way it Sony's machine could be more popular.

Conan9973734d ago

"and a maximum resolution of 1080p (in the 60GB version)" every ps3 has a maximum resolution of 1080p.

rakgi3734d ago

wow I know it's supposedly all pro sony but I stopped reading after this "and introduced the so-called “Playstation Network”"

Isaac3733d ago

Why would he say that Sony introduced the PlayStation Network? Everyone knows Sony did not do that, even though Sony owns the PlayStation brand. Counter-intuitive, but true.
Oh wait.

rakgi3733d ago

its the fact that he said SO-CALLED playstation network that is what its called so it shouldnt be so-called plus the 60GB only has 1080p HA hes a fool