Tragic students may have died for games consoles

THE victims of a sadistic double murder might have died for the sake of two hand-held games consoles, police said yesterday. French students Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, both 23, were bound, gagged and stabbed to death in a bedsit in south London on Sunday night.

Detectives, who believe the pair may have been the victims of a savage robbery, said two Sony PSP consoles, costing £130 each, were stolen from Mr Bonomo's rented flat.

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GutZ313663d ago Show
GutZ313663d ago

This article is complete flame bait.
Come on, because some PSP's were stolen it HAS to be gamer related?
How about every other person that gets shot and robbed, and just happens to have a game boy, or a DS, or a NES on them.
Is that news worthy?
Or is it just another piece of hardware you can get some quick cash for at a pawnshop?

Read this sh$t straight from the site.

"They fear a set of keys, which were stolen six days earlier, enabled the attacker to surprise his victims.

Officers are also hunting a black Packard Bell laptop taken in the previous burglary while Mr Bonomo was in the shower."

Yea, thats right, it wasnt all about some PSP's being stolen.

What about this jewel?

"He said they were still trying to establish whether the victims’ bank cards were also stolen."

Hmm, not sure what PSP game needs you to use a bank card to operate it...

Maybe he needs it to buy more games!

This is complete bull, title is misleading, and just another depressing event no one wants to hear when its this blatantly false.

yankeespawn3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

The cuplrit where black it said it on the news.

Stay away from theives, especially black guys with knives.

NO_PUDding3663d ago

I am not black, but that is such a generalisation.

You should stay away from anyone with a knife. And you don't know when people carry knives, and you don't know when they're theives. It's the whole reason there is crime.

But it's nothing to do with being black. I know black crime is higher, but you never hear of white crimes, and believe me, there are more than enoguh crimes that go untelevised.

AllroundGamer3663d ago

so if a black guy is cutting carrots in the kitchen with a knife, i should quickly leave the house as possible? ;) but maybe if he would stab me, they would blame the game Cooking Mama for that :D

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yankeespawn3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Thats what you should do when u see a thief . This guy made the right choice. The other didnt, they should of hid there stuff

Angelitos3663d ago

Poor Xbots

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Poor Xbots

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