db Techno: Ninja Gaiden II Review

Ninja Gaiden II is a fast, deep, in-your-face action game which fits perfectly in anyone's Xbox 360 library. This is one gory game, but the combination of fast action, great controls, and some startling visuals makes this a must-own for action junkies.

Graphics: 8.8 There are a few minor framerate issues, but the game looks gorgeous. Highly details, and extremely fast.

Sound: 8.5 The musical score does a great job to capture the action, and the sound effects are top-notch.

Gameplay: 9.0 The game plays beautifully, very smooth and rewarding over time.

Replay Value: 8.5 The game will have players coming back to upload videos, rack up bigger combos, and try to beat it on harder difficulties, it is that much fun.

Final Score:

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