The Internet Hates Diablo III

One of the Internet's most well known websites, SomethingAwful, has commented on the recent upsurge of hatred against Diablo III's art direction with a humorous article about that very subject.

Its author rails against those complaining with comparisons between his opinion and the opinion of "the internet".

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thereapersson3728d ago

However, that article was hilarious, as all the other points I agree with.

Ghoul3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

no matter if you like it or not

making a petition or demanding an art change is so hilarious i cant even describe it,

open letter to Picasso and kandinsky
"dear mr kandinsky or Picasso,

i totally enjoyed your previous art but could you please change your painting style couse i dont think it fits your visions

if you decide not to change your opinion im forced to not buy your art anymore"

insanity anyone ?

JsonHenry3728d ago

I like the new art direction. Even though I hate WoW and its art direction. I don't think the two share the same stylized art direction though.

D3 has more of a "Dawn of War" feel to it than the cartoony WoW.

thereapersson3728d ago

Yes, I agree. That petition is completely retarded, and just because someone dislikes a style made by an artist or designer, doesn't mean they have the right to tell that person that things should be recreated in their favorite image. That defeats the whole purpose of creative freedom.

I'm sure the new look will grow on me, as I have already praised the new combat dynamics. It's just since i've been playing Diablo since the original, it's going to take a bit of getting used to the stylistic change. I am still stoked for this game, however.

Ghoul3728d ago

true in your point :D

i played diablo also since part one hell i played every blizzard game since the company exists, but somehow im totally in love with the new style, especially in motion and with all the effects lighting physics and destructables im totally stunned :D

gaffyh3728d ago

"One of the Internet's most well known websites, SomethingAwful"

This is only the first or second time I've ever heard of this website

ChampIDC3728d ago

I think people were just too used to the outdated looks of the old games, and this new look is a shock. I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of dark environments in the game. Don't forget how early of a build this is.

TVC153727d ago

then you don't know the internet

Armyless3727d ago

I love how someone thinks their tiny little corner of the web is "all that". Got news for you, it ain't.


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MK_Red3728d ago

Who the heck hates Diablo 3!? Seriously, the game looks awesome and I'm eagerly anticipating it. Colors looked exactly like Diablo 2 and with the isometric view, I don't see what the problem is.

Ghoul3728d ago

spot on

i love d3 and i totally fell in love with the new look, the colors animations and effects are incredibly sweet looking.

SixTwoTwo3728d ago

Only n00bs hate on Diablo III

thor3728d ago

Yeah diablo II was just as colourful; look at act V in particular, you've got bright red monsters, bright blue monsters, ALL monsters light up in bright green when you poison them...

mariusmal3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

the ppl who hate diablo are the ones who never played a diablo game.

MK_Red3728d ago

Agreed with all of you. Plus, the new game is even more violent and seriously bloody.

Heck, seeing the D3 in all of its isometric glory made me hate Fallout 3 for a few days!

Charlie26883728d ago

@MK_Red: actually the color pallet is not even remotely the one used in previous Diablo games that is why people complain so much (that and the "cartoony" characters that I am not really noticing) the one right now IS the WC one

just to give an example this is what people are looking for (that is NOT out of reach and its realistically possible even if used as an optional shader)


like I have said countless times I will play it the way it is ( it looks like the TQ I finished recently so no problem) but give the option yes I would like it to look like the screenshots provided because it looks BETTER :)

velaxun3727d ago

I never had a problem with the new look of the game, but now that Charlie's shown me that screen... I dunno >.< I think I like the second one way better

MK_Red3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Now that's why Charlie2688 RULES! Wow, I have to say that the second screen indeed looks more Diablo-ish. Well, you got me there. Definitly agree and would prefer the game to be closer to the second screen. Still, the game was really violent and isometric and they are mostly all I really want to see in a game :)

At least we can all be happy that Diablo 3 is not a FPS :D

Back to Diablo, I think Blizzard has lost its dark touch. All their new games look like WarCraft 3 in a way. While I still think Diablo 3 looks great and close enough to D2, I admit that the new StarCraft 2 screens and this comparison reminded me of how art in Blizzard games has become WarCraft 3-ish. The SC2 footage is good but check out the new unit reveal shots...

Bubbles for you my friend. Also, come on dude, it looks better than TQ. There are some similarities but that was too cruel :D

mepsipax3727d ago

MK I know what you mean when you say Warcraft 3ish it's got this, it's hard to explain, man, I don't know, some things just feel.. poofy? no damn, blocky? I can't remember, but I thought warcraft 3's style was because of limited hardware back in the day, but I guess not, starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 are 1 and 2 on my list of PC exclusives looking forward too, (Clear Sky is number 3) and those of you who dislike the art style, you're idiots, all your doing is complaining about something, just because you have too, the game will be a fan's dream, and all you are doing is ruining the game for yourself by picking away at something that will not be changed, you do know how long it would take to change all the art assets don't you, and @charlie, while that filter may look great in dungeons I can't see me being a fan of it outdoors.

MorganX3727d ago

The first screen is better to look at. Especially in motion. Oversharpened images look like crap in motion and still. They have no warmth and look artificial.

Tell you what, turn the sharpness on your TV or HDTV all the way up and see how much you enjoy it.

mariusmal3727d ago

well charlie. you got me there mate. second picture looks way better. but even so, i don't think d3 is cartoonish

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peksi3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Diablo III looks incredible. I haven't read any more of these hate articles but if someone really whines about a rainbow-like-thing on the corner of some screen then I'd recommend that guy to masturbate 4 hours, daily. Don't know how that helps though.

Daver3728d ago

The Internet hate TO WAIT for Diablo 3, i think thats what it means.. This Game gonna be awesome!

Bolts3728d ago

This article is great, though I'm not a big fan of the new art direction this article is spot on.

arcadegoal3728d ago

Diablo 2 demo will work on windows vista sorry of topic but i would like to try diablo thanks in advance.

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