Hardcore Gamer: The Agency Preview

One of the things that came out of the Cold War, although not directly from James Bond (who's always been a ruthless bastard), was the idea of espionage as a sort of international playground. Beautiful people chased each other in fast cars and outwitted one another using high-tech gadgetry in far-off locales, without much in the way of unfortunate personal consequence.

The Agency takes it up a notch; the sixties-style aesthetic is mixed with a decidedly modern look and feel. This is probably fitting, since the game itself is a blend of two dissonant genres, the MMO and the first-person shooter, and is coming out on the PS3, where it'll be one of the first massively online games on the console.

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SixTwoTwo3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I like the concept art. But the fact that the game is still early in its development means it won't be out anytime soon. Especially when you consider that this is an MMO we're talking about here. It's definitely atleast a year away maybe two. SOE have a good track record with MMO's so the game will be amazing.