Gamezone: WALL.E 360/PS3 Review

Gamezone writes: "It is amazing; each year there are more and more movie-license video games hitting the market. It is easy to understand why - people want to experience and recreate the same feelings they had while watching a two-hour movie. The main problem with movie-licensed games is that they suffer from a shorter development cycle then other games so they are usually "lacking" in some area. The latest movie to receive its own video game is the Pixar Movie: Wall.E. Unfortunately, like many other movie-licensed games, this game and the movie it is based off of do not match up in terms of quality.

The story for this game follows the plot of the movie. In the future Earth has been ravaged by pollution and trash; no thanks to a corporation called Buy n Large, which runs all businesses and governments. Earth has been so ravaged that the only hope is to go on a "five-year vacation" on large spaceships (one being the Axiom). During this time Earth is being cleaned up by robots called Waste Allocation Load Lifer Earth-Class or Wall.E. Seven hundred years have passed and only two things remain on Earth: one Wall.E unit and a cockroach. One day EVE or Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator lands on Earth and Wall.E's world is turned up-side down. Will Wall.E follow his heart or his programming? That is up to the players to decide."

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Transformer3729d ago

better than Haze LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yesah3729d ago

oh wow, you are soooo witty. How is it you state unrelevant fanboy nonsence everywhere? it amazes me.

longbug3729d ago

Another crap tie in, another crap review, another game my kids will love. Publishers know this and will continue to exploit it. Who am i to deny my kids some gaming pleasure. They love superman, spiderman, hulk and tomb raider too. All garbage in my opinion.