Gamezone: Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution PS3/360 Review

Gamezone writes: "Sid Meier's Civilization is considered to be one of the finest civilization sims in the history of video games. Perhaps the big question would be if the vaunted PC title could translate to the next-gen console and still remain as inviting and entertaining.

The answer comes in the form of Civilization Revolution, a title with intuitive controls that puts the emphasis on the gameplay and delivers a wholly satisfying experience … well, with a few minor exceptions.

Let's get the flaws out of the way first. Because the game has five difficulty levels, you can play on the easiest level which gives you sort of a guide. You may choose that and then almost immediately regret the decision. Why? The professor you get speaks gibberish and the tonal quality is annoying – far worse than anything spouted in a game of The Sims."

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