Geekpulp: Alone in the Dark Review

Geekpulp writes: "This is a hard review to write, because few other games have split the gaming community quite so much as Alone in the Dark. Sites that normally give generous scores are giving this game scores that are as low as three out of ten, while other sites (known for marking harshly) are giving it eighty percent. What kind of game is this? What kind of game would rate at two extremes of the scale and divide opinion at such an unprecedented level?

Alone in the Dark is an old school action adventure in the same vain as the early Resident Evil games. In fact, the 'Alone in the Dark' franchise pioneered the survival-horror genre in 1992, a full four years before Resident Evil graced Playstations and PCs around the world.
This new game in the Alone in the Dark series actually follows on from the 1992 original, following the same character in a new adventure, one that's set primarily in New York's Central park. The game mixes action-packed combat with sections comprised primarily of puzzles – and it's your job to get to the bottom of the strange events you find yourself caught up in. Alone in the Dark has three main ways of allowing you to interact with the world. The first is standard first-person mode, which is used primarily for firing your trusty side-arm. The second, and most commonly used, is 3rd person (over the shoulder). The third way is the location sensitive camera, which is fixed within the environment – allowing the designers to focus on a puzzle specific area or just position the camera in such a way that it enhances the atmosphere."

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