Geekpulp: Everybody's Golf 2 Review

Geekpulp writes: "Everybody's Golf 2 also known as Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 in America, the family friendly golf game so called as 'everybody' can play it, even a complete novice golfer like myself. From the get go it looks much like its predecessor, cutesy big-headed characters playing tournaments across a variety of golfing greens to win more characters, new courses and items to soup up your golfer's appearance.

The single player options include Challenge, Stroke Play, Minigame and Training modes. Stroke Play lets you play through any course of your choosing, to have a quick round of golf. Minigame is a simple but addictive task of hitting a hole-in-one, made much easier with three large holes to choose from, each hole worth a little more points than the other. While navigating through the menus at times the game can appear frozen as the transition between screens isn't smooth and there is no sign to show that loading is taking place."

-Pretty good graphics for a portable game, Infrastructure mode

-Confusing HUD, "Nice Shot!" right into a bunker

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