Game Arena: Guitar Hero: On Tour Review

Game Arena writes: "At first, a portable version of the Guitar Hero series seems a far more legitimate way for Activision to bang out more SKUs than its cash-in "Rocks the 80s" and "Aerosmith" titles. Just imagine, rocking out on a train full of grey-faced commuters, shining brightly from your cramped little corner with the flaming glow of rock!

The grim reality is playing this game in close quarters with strangers is beyond the confidence of most. In fact I'd even call it freakish. Embarrassing. It's not just the handycam-like "Guitar Grip", the loud tapping of your pick-stylus or even the cumbersome wrist angles that make the game so embarrassing. It's the fact that even a handheld Guitar Hero has the ability to make you head-bang and foot-stomp like a club punter. There's a good reason Activision didn't include a proper guitar controller. You'd back-hand some old lady in the face pulling windmills."

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