Wonderwallweb: Unreal Tournament III Review

Wonderwallweb writes: "We have been waiting a while for the highly anticipated Unreal Tournament III to arrive in the UK and now it is finally here, but the question is, does this first person shooter helps our next gen console reach new heights or is this game just another dumbed down PC port?

The Unreal series has been with the PC for a long time now, each version squeezing power from even the highest spec of PC's. Occasionally an Unreal game will transfer to the console market, and whilst fun, you never really get the feel of the PC original in looks and online capability. Thankfully, the console versions have changed all of this. Xbox Live handles the online part really well, and the console also churns out some amazing looking characters and arenas without breaking a sweat."

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aaquib53732d ago

UT3 for 360 will be great. I think the user created mods in PS3 is awesome, but I just don't play UT3 enough to care. Personally, CoD4 still fills my FPS needs.

DavidMacDougall3732d ago

This game is a 8 at best and without mods its even lower

Everybody loves to customize

ikkokucrisis3732d ago

Almost a year ago they reviewed the PS3 game and gave it a 9/10:

Look at the breakdown scores and compare that with the breakdown scores for the newly released gimped version on the 360:

Hmm, the PS3 has higher breakdown scores and has mod support yet the 360 still gets the same overall score??

wotta3732d ago

The 360 version has two player spilt screen and five new maps but no mod support whereas the PS3 version has mods, id say this balances it out.

DavidMacDougall3731d ago

I dont know how many mods there are iv never played it but i think there more than 5

thehitman3732d ago

what did ign give it they better give this shyt a 8 or something because if they give it a 9 the same as the ps3 ima be pissed and they lose all credibility in my book.