Rock Band 2 - Rumored Tracklist plus Rock Band 1 Disc Content for Free

From an IGN editor: "Immediately upon purchasing Rock Band 2 you'll have the ability to download a huge library of songs, as well as all of the songs off of the original disc as a free download."

The rumored tracklist:

1) tangled up in blue (bob dylan)
2) bad to the bone (george thorogood)
3) we've got the beat (go-gos)
4) bad reputation (joan jett)
5) pinball wizard (the who)
6) dammit (blink 182)
7) thats what you get (paramore)
8 ) the trees (rush)
9) ace of spades (motorhead)
10) chop suey (system of a down)
11) testify (rage against the machine)
12) spirit in the sky (norman greenbaum)
13) ramblin' man (allman brothers)
14) rebel girl (bikini kill)
15) eye of the tiger (survivor)
16) panic attack (dreamtheater)
17) everlong (foo fighters)
18) one step closer (linkin park)
19) lump (presidents of the USA)
20) come out and play (offspring)
21) drain you (nirvana)
22) carry on my wayward son (kansas)
23) peace sells (megadeath)
24) souls of black (testament)
25) livin on a prayer (bon jovi)
26) round and round (ratt)
27) new kid in school (the donnas)
28) alright now (free)
29) today (smashing pumpkins)
30) man in the box (alice in chains)
31) any way you want it (journey)
32) holiday in cambodia (dead kennedys)
33) give it away (red hot chili peppers)
34) white wedding (billy idol)
35) hello there (cheap trick)
36) cool for cats (squeeze)
37) psycho killer (talking heads)
38) ? (devo)
39) one way or another (blondie)
40) de-luxe (lush)
41) push it (static-x)
42) pump it up (elvis costello)
43) master exploder (tenacious d)
44) bandages (hot hot heat)
45) PDA (interpol)
46) my own worst enemy (lit)
47) float on (modest mouse)
48) aqualung (jethro tull)
49) spoonman (soundgarden)
50) bodhisatva (steely dan)
51) suffer (bad religion)
52) i was wrong (social distortion)
53) american woman (the guess who)
56) you oughta know (alanis morrissette)
57) mountain song (jane's addiction)
58) stop! (against me)
59) hungry like the wolf (duran duran)
60) alabama getaway (grateful dead)

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RevN8r3668d ago

This is a freakin' amazing list! I so hope it's accurate!

kr90913668d ago

I agree. This is an amazing list! It totally blows GH's tracks out of the water!

KrisXX3668d ago

nice list...but being able to download all the RB1 tracks from the list for free?!? YES!!

Dannycr3668d ago


Megadeth and Testament! DAMN!!! and my fav Soundgarden song: Spoonman!!

RB2 here we go!

TheColbertinator3668d ago


FreeMonk3668d ago

Totally agree. That is one impressive list with some spectacular titles like Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer, Survivor's Eye of the Tiger (OH MY GODD!!!!), and to the kooky Spirit in the Sky!!!

I'm still disappointed that there's no Queen tracks on there. We Will Rock You is begging for a Rock Band treatment, just for the drum sections alone!!!

It'll be great if you can import the tracks from the first Rock Band into Rock Band 2. I don't think they'll be giving it away for free, but something more like if you own the first Rock Band you can put the Rock Band 1 disc in and transfer the tracks over that you want to your HD!

Fingers crossed us Europeans get it in September with the US as there is not excuse for lack of controllers as they are out and about in the UK!!!

Old Snake3668d ago

Seriously can we please get some Queen. At least they've got Journey on there, but where the hell is "Don't Stop Believing" Overall a pretty good list, although I think Rock Band 1's was better. Oh well I'll be getting Guitar Hero first considering this is a timed 360 exclusive. Damn you Microsoft

Baka-akaB3668d ago

Finally !! I remember saying a few times that Gh4 or RB2 and beyond , wouldnt see me unless one of the franchises decided to add tracks from previous versions .

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The story is too old to be commented.