Diablo 3: The Wait

A writer explores through words on how the fans of the Diablo series have been waiting for its sequel for almost a decade and he talks about how it could live up, or possibly even fail to live up to the expectations of millions of gamers, both old fans and new.

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Charlie26883732d ago

Well i've waited like many others for 8 years now keeping my sanity only by replaying the old Diablo games or the heaven sent Titan Quest so its ok I can wait...who the hell am I kidding!

I want D3 BADLY T.T I cant wait till there is an official release date much worse when its finally release

Diablo 3 were are you T.T


mepsipax3732d ago

you still have a year to go, see this is what I like about ninty, they don't tell you about games until they're within 6 months of release while I'm still here waiting for god damn starcraft II to come out and how longs it been since it's announcement?

JohnnyMann4203731d ago

Can we try posting a POSTIVE Diablo III article?

I fricken creamed my pants when I saw the game footage.

I don't know what the hell people's problems are.