New Socom Confrontation Trailer

Exclusive trailer for Socom Confrontation from Gametrailers TV. Enjoy!

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gunnerheadboy3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago ) going to be a MUST buy game for all PS3 owners. Agree?

sonarus3666d ago

Not really. Shooter competition is very fierce. It comes out in OCT just a month before resistance. I will do all i can to enter the beta and if i like i will buy

rucky3666d ago

I wouldn't go as far as saying it's a must have for all PS3 owners. I believe this is more aimed on the hardcore tactical shooter crowd. I love every Socom games that previously came out and it's online gameplay is something you really have to work at to get good.

mistertwoturbo3666d ago

No, it's not.

The full fledge SOCOM 4 is what people really want. This is more like something to hold off the rabid SOCOM fans.

Look at the graphics, it looks like friggin conflict denied ops for crying out loud.

ikkokucrisis3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )


Uh, what multipleyer shooters aren't for the hardcore player?
Some multiplayer shooters are just made better than others is all.

The fact that this game is designed specifically for multiplayer and not as an afterthought to a single player game makes this a hot game to watch out for come October!

BattleAxe3665d ago

This game looks excelent and the graphics are actually really nice. You can see gameplay footage on QORE in Hi-Def, looks as good or better then most shooters out today, and the gameplay is unmatched in SOCOM.

Pain3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Gimmy my Socrack already damit....

Remember that d!ck that would mine dead body's way back in Socom 2 that made everyone scarred to walk on dead friends or foes?

<--- sorry just its what i do...

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mesh13666d ago

im a sony fan and this game looks like it can run on my ps2 im very disappointed this game should be free.

name3666d ago

I must own this game in order for my life to maintain meaning.

gunnerheadboy3666d ago

I agree, so hear's an agree and a bubble :).

RiseOfMonster3666d ago

I never played Socom for the PS2 (fat PS2 and I didn't want to buy the addon) but from the videos it looks pretty fun. I'm going to buy a hard copy for the headset. I just hope they have noob only servers because I've read that the hardcore are really hardcore. ><

morganfell3666d ago

The you are in for a great surprise. You are going to find out why we call it SOCRACK. Because the addiction level is through the roof.

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