Top Five Patriotic Games of All Time

Ripten writes:

Happy 4th of July, everyone! On this special day, many get together for barbecued hot dogs and burgers before setting up chairs on the lawn to watch the fireworks. However, if you're like some of us here at Ripten, it's simply another day to play videogames. So, keeping the holiday spirit in mind, hit the jump to check out the top five patriotic games of all time.

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pwnsause3728d ago

not that im a MGS fan and all, but MGS3 should be on that list, "loyalty to your country"

Dream Machine3728d ago

Did you play the same game I did?

Isn't the conclusion of the game the disillusionment of the idea of America and loyalty to country's and such of Naked Snake, a really good advertisement for anti-nationalism? I realize there were conflicting themes and dialogs coming from The Boss via EVA and Snakes reaction to the whole affair but I thought that message was pretty (pardon the pun) solid.

Irving3728d ago

Call of Duty 4 not on the list? Automatic Fail.

mistertwoturbo3728d ago

GTA IV patriotic? You kidding me? It was more about getting away commiting a bunch of crimes and showing the dark side of the US. Not patriotic at all.

Call of Duty 4, now that's patriotic.

cr33ping_death3728d ago

damn i remember playing oregon trail in while i was learning to use the computer back in the 3rd grade(im now 26) :) if i would find it now i would buy it.

iceman28853728d ago

“The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?”

That phrase is the epitome of awesome.

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