LittleBigPlanet Info Round-up

Eurogamer's wonderful live interview with David Smith from Media Molecule is throwing up all kinds of new information, which we've bullet-pointed (without the use of bullet-points) below for easy consumption:

Release Date: October. David can't be more specific.

Beta: There's already a Beta running, should gradually grow to include more people. 'The beta is starting off in a very controlled way, but will hopefully open up to lots more people. We aren't at a stage yet to know what direction we need to go with this. Personally, I'd love the beta to have as many people as possible, but we need to wait and see.'

Trophies: The guys have been having a 'lot of fun' with Trophies, which reflect the LBP 'Play, Create, Share' mantra, and some Trophies will require deft use of the machines to achieve......

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LeSouteneur3694d ago

be a candidate for Game of the Year (next to MGS). It's revolutionary and innovative, just like all games should be.

Fishy Fingers3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I'm not sure about "all games", trying to reinvent the wheel can sometimes do nothing but damage. In a tried and tested genre (FPS for example) sticking to what you know your core audience wants can work wonders (Halo for example).

Trying something "revolutionary and innovative" is always a brave option, the majority of which end up on the cutting room floor, not many have the instant charm and appeal of LBP.

Rofflecopter3694d ago

im pumped for this game.. so is my girlfriend.. win win for me!

thor3694d ago

I hope with the "share" part you won't be able to get a trophy just by downloading a level, using the machine that's in the level to get the trophy... how can they avoid this?

PMantix3694d ago

Maybe they have a way of differentiating between a machine you built yourself and one that you've downloaded..

but even if that were so.. you could just download a machine, see how it worked, and then build it yourself to get around it.

If people are determined to undermine their own fun, you can't put up enough road blocks to stop them from doing it.

jay23694d ago

Nice work Alex_tsa, you've made it a much shorter,better? read. Anyway I'm not quie sure yet Thor. What I do know is you guys are going to love this game.

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