PUGCast: Ep. 4 – "Tapirs Gonna Tape"

This week's show kicks off with the return of everyone's favourite segment, Scott Rates the News. Topical subjects in the roundtable discussion this week include tapirs, PlayStation apparel and Wii Fit for your vagina – along with a little bit of video game chatter in Evolve and Flockers.

The panel move on to the debut of everyone's soon-to-be least favourite segment, in which the participants recall and sing some of their favourite video game songs, including entries from Conker's Bad Fur Day, Silent Hill, Fallout, Skyrim and others.

The conversation then turns to an intriguing discussion topic: What would be your ideal video game? Some of the suggestions include a massive, open-world game about pirates, Pokemon VR, and an accountancy simulator (yes, really).

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