Hudson: PS3 development too expensive

Gamertm writes: Hudson has ruled out developing and publishing full PS3 games, due to the development costs on Sony's format being too high.

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Genesis53607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

Is that Rock Hudson? I thought he was dead.

Well who ever you are just get your cheap butts over to the Wii cause we have never heard of you.

ErcsYou3607d ago

Is the PS3 really too expensive or is Hudson Soft just broke??

Either way it doesnt matter until they make me a sequel to Milo's Secret Castle or another Bloody Roar game..

Expy3607d ago

It's funny, because the only real difference is the development kit hardware... Apart from that, programmers are paid on a wage, regardless what language they program in. So how exactly is it more expensive...

player9113607d ago

Hudson makes tons of sweet games. If you haven't picked up from the graphic, they make Bomberman and the Mario Party series, which are pretty big sellers.

They've been around since the 70's.

Expy3607d ago

Maybe so, however Mario Party is exclusively Nintendo, and Bomberman isn't really enough to make anyone care whether or not they develop for PS3 or not.

jaja14343607d ago

"It's funny, because the only real difference is the development kit hardware... Apart from that, programmers are paid on a wage" is actually not true. Since the talent pool of programmer who can actually program for the PS3 is smaller, the demand is higher for them and thus their pay is higher. Simply supply and demand really.

Bad_Karma3607d ago


Gothdom3607d ago

Bomberman can easily be made for PSN instead of a full fledge PS3 blu-ray game.

The rest of Hudson, I don't even care about... moreso if it's a new Adventure Island, I hated that game so much.

ReBurn3606d ago

Some programmers are more expensive than others. For instance, Visual Basic programmers are less expensive than Java programmers right now. By at least $15 per hour.

Because the PS3 is custom hardware it is going to cost more to hire people that have experience with it. Not all programming is the same.

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SlyGuy3607d ago

who made Adventure Island on the Nintendo?

gambare3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

I think they made a bomberman for the 360 but after that.... they haven't done anything great the problem is, if they think is expensive to develop in the PS3 then they should not try the next gen systems beyond 2010, the systems aren't going to simplify with time and the costs of the production will rise even more.

Voiceofreason3606d ago

Gambar.. What ever gave you that idea? Production costs will go DOWN not up. As more companies program for PS3, it will be easier for them to do as they go along.. The same is true for every other console gen we've had. PS2 started really expensive to program for in the beginning but by the end just about any dev company could make a PS2 game.

JBaby3433606d ago

I think he means as a whole games will become more expensive to make. Yes in a generation costs will decrease as programming improves but the fact is games cost more today than they did 10, 15, and 20 years ago. Atari and Nintendo games weren't $60. Next generation of consoles will games costing more on the average.

But as to the article... Never heard of hudson.

Mr Arthur Ritis3606d ago

was $90 on genesis when it came out. I'm old. Damn.

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Angelitos3607d ago

If they develop really good games on the PS3, they didn't have to worry PS3 games to sell well to make money, dumbass Hudson. The same goes for all devs.

OOG3607d ago

that comment is true but stupid all at the same time.....

People can make good games but when it costs too much to make the game people dont want to take the chance especially investors etc. It's not that easy to go ok lets throw 10s of millions dollars down to make this game that we do not have a gaurantee on selling. This is a big issue for ps3 especially for companies outside the "Sony Umbrella of developers" to make a game because it can quite possibly break your company over 1 game.

Same reason your gonna see a lot more sequels then anything on the PS3...because as we have seen not all good new games...or at least decent games are making a profit.

Seraphim3607d ago

that's the thing though. If you don't want it to cost a fortune it doesn't have to. You can still produce low budget titles on the PS3 and even 360 for that matter. You don't have to go all high tech w/ coding, physics, graphics, and the whole nine. And the kind of games Hudson makes I wouldn't expect that from anyway. They make very simplistic games for the most part and if they really wanted to they could easily go about creating them on PS360 for little to no additional cost. But the kind of games they do make would be more suited for a PSN title anyway; $20 tops. I'd include XBM but with the limit cap I don't think Hudson would be able to offer the kind of games they'd like on the XBM. At least not in the way they expressed they like the PS Store and the kind of games they probably have in mind. Anyway, aside from Bomberman their games are really bombs anyway. There's very few decent games I can think of that Hudson has come up stemming all the way back from the NES.

fusionboxer3606d ago

Yea seraphim is pretty on point here. Other then the Bomberman franchise , Hudson despite what some may want to believe haven't made anything especially appealing to the mass market.

It's ok that they don't want to make full fledged titles on the ps3, but don't shut ps3 owners out of bomberman online. That's just classic fun. Then again they could go the route of Nippon Ichi and work on amazing gameplay with less then stellar visuals like with the case of Disgaea 3.

If anything, come out with a line of PSN titles so that they don't waste millions on a game no one will buy. I mean most of the users here don't even know who they are.

As a joke I say they release a game next week that's total bullshit and add trophy support. Everyone will rush to buy it (including myself ) and Hudson will make a hefty profit.

Angelitos3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, we would have killed ur games if this guy was smart enough 2 know, if they develop really good games on the PS3, they didn't have to worry PS3 games to sell well to make money. Poor Xbots, dumbass Hudson. Poor Xbots, the same goes for all devs.

Poor Xbots

iceice1233607d ago

You're a terrible troll, you just flat out suck at it. Please just leave it all to DarkSniper, you're not cut out for it.

thereapersson3607d ago

how can people agree with this moron?

tehReaper3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Probably multiple accounts, or it could just be stupidity.

People are as blind as ever nowadays. They follow hand and foot behind a company like it's a God.

On topic:
Anyway, the development costs aren't a big deal. They are usually minor in comparison to the 360. Risks? What risks? The PS3 is just as mainstream as the 360 and Wii. There's no excuse for saying things like that.

Sure the 360, DS, and Wii are easier to develop for, but completely refusing to do games on the PS3 is just stupid. If it's so hard, how is it that other developers are able to develop on it?

I'm pro-360 but Hudson just lost some respect from me. I enjoyed Bomberman LIVE, but I probably won't purchase any future games from them. This article just screams greed.

AngryTypingGuy3606d ago

The company that makes Bomberman, one of the most fun multiplayer games ever (and possibly the most fun game on Xbox Live) doesn't want to develop for PS3, and you're saying poor Xbots? I'm failing to see how 360 fans lose out in this situation.

You are suffering from a major case of sour grapes.

Pain3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Do devs even spend money making on 360? since M$ bribes u to make on RROD2 with the "will pay for development"?

and who the Hell is Hudson?? oh bomberman? lol some little cheap dev studio that wish they could make a PS3 game... poor baby M$ will pay for it to be crap on 360..... *cough* To Human.....

poopface13606d ago

that if they made a good ps3 game it would sell...... cause there arnt many great ps3 games are there.

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darkvenom3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

This is what i think of Hudson...

fusionboxer3606d ago

But that's kinda whack. No offense though. I just wouldn't want you to use it again in less then stellar circumstances.