Silent Hill 5 new gameplay

This is gameplay video from early beta version of SH Homecoming which included one area, perhaps from the beginning of the game. The Russian magazine Egomania plays it and, of course, all comments are in Russian language. But I can assure you that commentator did not say anything we don't know already, so I prefer not to translate this into English and not to make subs... just watch the game play and don't pay attention to the voice =)
PS: sorry for my poor English...

Thanks to everybody for watching and for your comments and especially thanks a lot to GT for featuring! =)

Here some translation of the commentator's words, in case if anybody is interested in what exactly is he saying:

- in the beginning he is regretting about the fact that 5th part of the series is not being developed by Konami and outsourced to The Collective;
- he said that it's one of the first builds of the game for PS3 with one area of the game;
- then some words about meeting people and that main character will experience some flashbacks during the game (like this scene with flashlight and little brother);
- about new conversation system with possibility to choose phrases;
- than he make a joke about a couple of actions in the basement that player have to do to drawn the water and make his way to the backyard - like he can't just jump over the fence =)
- he said that monster in the basement is the first one in game;
- than about new combat system (but I don't think that it's a final version of combat so I just leave this words untranslated)
- and in the end of video he said that it's very early to make any conclusions but they don't like the graphics as well and that SH3 looked better... well, like everybody who have seen this video is thinking :)

This is it, I hope that anybody is interested in that text, thanks again for watching and reading my horrible translation =)

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Angelitos3734d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, in Japan this game is exclusive for the PS3. Poor Xbots, thanks 2 you, this game is limited hardware and space wise. Poor Xbots, ur fixme dvd player limited this game.

Poor Xbots

LeSouteneur3734d ago

was Silent Hill 2. Hope this lives up, however, I have my doubts because KCEJ isn't developing. The graphics look quite nice though.

Dir_en_grey3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I thought the graphics looked like crap though... Doesn't look next gen at all.
Even knowing that it's an early built, it just seems like even PS2 could do these kinda graphics.
The new Siren just looks so much better and way more interesting.

Hope they improve alot more because I crave for horror games...

TayTayShaniqua3734d ago

"I thought the graphics looked like crap though... Doesn't look next gen at all. "

Just another title gimped to run on the 360's wimpy graphics hardware and smaller than last gen 7GB DVD format.

DavidMacDougall3734d ago

Bubble for you sir thats exactly what had happened here spoiled another classic

Bzone243733d ago

Just like ps3 fanboys always trying to use the 360 as a crutch for their own console's shortcomings.

Armyless3733d ago

It's no secret that multiplat games must meet the lowest common denominator in terms of hardware capability. I don't think this game necessarily needs a hard drive but the simple fact is

you're pretty immature to start pointing fingers like that.

I, for one, think the lack of Konami development is the biggest drawback.

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Baba19063734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

wow this looks horrible ...... the water in the basement looks like a silver mirror. wth 0o where is the next gen?

BachelorBrit3734d ago

Read the description more closely this is a BETA people from an early Playstation 3 build. The current version looks much more polished than this and the graphics will look amazing by the release date I assure you.

Have you all overlooked the fact that the voice acting is near perfect in this video? The atmosphere is spot on and the story will be pretty dark by the looks of things.

The trailer at E3 will feature high quality next-gen graphics just wait and see I can't wait for this game.

The Wood3734d ago

cause its not looking anywhere near next gen at the moment. I really agree with Dir_en_grey saying that it favours a ps2 game. E3 will be interesting to say the least.

Baba19063734d ago

i have seen a lot of beta graffics much much better than those. well i hope it gets better becouse i love Silent Hill games.

Noodlecup3734d ago

- Military guy as main character? check!
- Focus on action rather than puzzles? check!
- Overdone graphics which try too hard and end up looking crappy? check!

I love the silent hill franchise but I'm not buying this.

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The story is too old to be commented.