Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Two New Videos

The first installment of an exciting new Combat Arts video series showcasing the special abilities of the six playable characters in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has been released today for download. Two new videos, available at the links below, feature the High Elf character and a small sampling of her Combat Arts in action. Grab the new videos to watch the High Elf as she blasts her foes with amazing powers like Incendiary Shower, Ancestral Fireball and Blazing Tempest.

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godcrusher3119d ago

game before but it looks pretty fun.

OoLegendoO3119d ago

I love Rpgs like this, hope it will do well.

LostChild3119d ago

Yeah, it reminds me of games like Champion's of Norrath, Baldur's Gate, Untold Legend and Dungeon Siege. I will have to keep an eye out for this one.

Bazookajoe_833119d ago

So i hope this one will be to =)

godcrusher3119d ago

the Baldur's Gate series. If this game is anything like that then I will be adding this to my buy list.

zornik3118d ago

November release for consoles????......this is the first time i see a November release for this game on X360.

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