Microsoft weighs Xbox 360 price cut in India

Jessica Mehroin Iran writes,

"Microsoft may consider cutting the price of its gaming console Xbox 360 in India after price cuts in Australia and New Zealand. The software giant slashed prices of all console models by $76 (Rs 3,300) in the two countries on July 1.

Analysts and industry watchers are betting on a possible announcement regarding a cut in Xbox 360 prices across the world at the prestigious gaming trade show E3 (formerly known as Electronics Entertainment Expo), which is scheduled to be held in Los Angeles from July 15-17. "If they announce a price reduction worldwide, it is obvious that it will trickle down to India too," said an industry source.

But industry observers feel that Microsoft could delay a price-cut announcement in India until the exchange rate stabilises. The decision could also depend on the market situation and inventory position. Since Xbox 360 is imported, Microsoft India could have stocked up on the consoles, said an analyst. Currently, Microsoft sells only Xbox 360 (Core) and Xbox 360 (Pro) in India. Globally, Xbox 360 competes with Nintendo Wii and Sony's PS3 in the gaming console space. Till date, 19-million Xbox 360 and 13-million PS3 consoles have been sold worldwide, respectively. Nintendo anticipates worldwide sales of Wii to reach 50-million units by March 2009."

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