Microsoft's updated 1080p update still needs work

Despite todays update's promise of "improved support for HD video output over VGA, including 1080p resolution" the guys at still encounters a significant (and certainly abnormal) amount of screen tearing while using the VGA connection, not to mention the pale, washed-out colors that have become emblematic of the 360's VGA implementation. But they are not the only ones with problems. A quick perusal of the AVS Forums thread shows some another anomalies that don't instill much confidence in Microsoft's upgraded upgrade.

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PS360WII4367d ago

blame the TV's! that'll show em ^.-

highps34367d ago

Why would someone use VGA for 1080p? Thats really retarded, so is 1080p through component.

Cant believe this actually qualifies as "the same thing as Sony"...

HDMI was a lot better of an idea. IMO 360 doesnt output 1080p sorry but it doesnt.

You either run VGA and wash out your screen and run 1080p or have a normal component and not be able to run 1080p.

Dont even say TV's use component for 1080p because they dont.

Sorry im not going to buy 1 of 5 models that actually support that just for my xbox 360.

Mabe they should get with the rest of the world an upgrade to HDMI already.

Que the 360 fanboy "component is better than HDMI and it is not needed." Stupid people.

MicroGamer4367d ago

a lot of people may have a computer monitor capable of 1080p resolution already but not an HDTV.

DJ4367d ago

I was surprised when Microsoft treated HDMI as unproven/unecessary tech when it not only solves HDCP issues, but allows for DVI support as well. It also became the output standard for 1080p TVs (and some 720p sets). Ehh, too late now though...

Mikey_Gee4366d ago (Edited 4366d ago )

But my Samsung HL-S 6767 support 1080p input over COMPONENT !!

power of Green 4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

What are you talking about??????....

CyberSentinel4367d ago

Just use a good pc monitor with a vga connection, better then ANY t.v. out there.

My monitor,

2tired2day2hate4367d ago

why not use tv? i dont mean to startle anyone, but tv's are usually bigger than monitors. true story. and actually consoles are made to be played on tvs. complete fact.

i understand why this would bother people but seriously, this is like complaining that your car is having a hard time mowing the lawn.

Watapata4367d ago

"i understand why this would bother people but seriously, this is like complaining that your car is having a hard time mowing the lawn."

I have to say that is one of the best things I've read on this site...not that I necessarilly agree with you though. The price of a decent HDTV can be prohibitively high, so it makes perfect sense for some people to play on their PC monitors if possible. Its not something I'd do, as per your comment about screen size, but I can definitely understand others doing it.

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