PSU Reviews Battlefield: Bad Company 9/10

If you're looking for some minor downfalls from this title outside of the lack of online game modes, you're going to find very little to actually complain about. However, while the graphics may be above average and nothing to get excited about, there is a slight visual tearing that shows up from time to time. Outside of this, the audio quality is near flawless and the rest of the game plays at a very high level of quality for your dollar.

In the end, Battlefield: Bad Company is another successful outing for the boys over at DICE. Though it has above average visuals, it offers addictive gameplay and outstanding audio quality. Bad Company definitely rises above the ranks and falls in with some good company as this game is truly on par with its predecessors.

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sak5003734d ago

Good game good game. Finished it now hitting it back for bal achievements. Might even get back gold membership to play online.