Report concludes PS3 saved Blu-ray

Buried under predictions that 2012 will bring dominance for Blu-ray over DVD and breaking news that the PS3 just may have had a hand in winning the format war the Entertainment Merchant's Association 2008 Annual Report on the Home Entertainment Industry holds survey results showing 87% of PS3 owners reported they watch Blu-ray movies on their console.

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Hydrolex3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I was smart !!! I knew PS3 is coming from Sony and I knew Sony doesn't disappoint me.

I think 3RROD + PS3 Exclusives saved PS3 the most ! 90% those

maybe 10% blu-ray.

who ever buys a console to only watch movies is a dumbleep

steck673734d ago

Same here, I didnt purchase the console because of the blu-ray, in fact I bought it for MGS4 and FF 13. And I always liked Sony's games.

Isaac3734d ago

Tell that to the millions of PS2 and PS3 owners that only used them for DVD and Blu-ray.

BulletToothtony3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

i had bought an hdtv and i wasn't well informed about the bluray thing.. i bought the ps3 to play games.. and have done so every day since the day i bought it in Dec 06 :)

donator3734d ago

The report is saying that 87% of PS3 owners have watched Blu-ray. Obviously, many people did not purchase a PS3 just to watch movies, but that's not what the report is saying. Although I do wonder how many people did buy a PS3 JUST for blu-rays since it was the cheapest blu-ray player for a certain amount of time.

Madgunner3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

u might want to rephrase that last statement... i used to work at Circuit city, whenever a customer asked me about blu ray i pointed them to a ps3 .. they would say they dont play video games but i would reply and say that the ps3 is actually a better blu ray play than standard ones for MANY.. MANY reasons... so yeah weather u want high def movies at its finest quality or just a great gaming system ... its a win win situation for sony and the consumer

morganfell3734d ago

I bought my PS3 for games and Bluray is just the icing on the cake. Sony was smarter than MS. MS demonstrates the western way of thinking which is flash in the pan immediacy whereas Sony looks at long range goals and ideas. MS was so caught up in getting out the door quickly and cheaply they failed to recognize the real impact of such a shortsighted decision.

I have recommended the PS3 to people wanting to buy a Bluray player. It's future proof nature, it's ability to easily stream all types of media off a home PC, Sony's coming Video Download service, and the fact that it also plays games made it an easy sell to people who were not even remotely interested in games.

Chris Bosh3734d ago

u foo!!!
Ps3 bluray wuz and still is the cheapest bluray on the market, i think.
But i know for a fact it wuz before.
So people are not dumbBLEEPS, u are!!

player9113734d ago

Well if Microsoft included HD-DVD in the 360, the PS3 would have been obsolete before it came out.

Microsoft played it smart. The 360 came out at the start of the format war and when costs were still too high. With the focus on digital downloads, the need of a HD player was minor anyway (aside from disc space).

The PS3 is what swayed the format war ONLY because it was selling as a PS3. HD-DVD players were outselling Blueray players... but HD players couldn't compete with sales of the PS3. The same would have happened if the 360 was launched with HD-DVD drives.

Either way it doesn't matter what game consoles use as game storage. Whether it is a cartridge, CD, DVD, HD-DVD, or BR... a game is a game is a game.

As far as gaming goes with the 360/PS3... the only difference in physical medium is whether or not you have to change discs. And anyone having a problem changing a disc after 40 hours of gameplay needs to put down the controller and go play outside anyway.

But this topic is stupid. This is like saying "People who eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches consume more peanut butter and jelly then people who don't."

The PS3 saved blueray simply because Sony was pairing it with their PS3's. Am I glad its over... yes. Does it affect the gaming industry... no.

Adamalicious3734d ago

Um, I'm pretty sure it says that PS3 saved Blu-Ray and not the other way around as your comment would indicate.

boodybandit3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

watched my 1st BluRay movie on it's yesterday but only because my cable was out due to an accident in my area. I will eventually watch a few more BluRay movies on it now that I know how awesome it is but my PS3 will remain 99.9% gaming / 0.1% BluRay.

It was a calculated risk of Sony to include BluRay in the PS3 and according to this article it paid off. BluRay is the format for hi definition DVD and including it in the PS3 is the reason for it's success over HD DVD.

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juuken3734d ago

I bought my PS3 for games. I have games for my PS3-both PS3 and PS2 games. I haven't even bought a bluray movie yet.

Madgunner3734d ago

to see some blu ray por ermm movies...... .... yeah going back to gamer zone.. MGS4 GOTC

juuken3734d ago

*raises eyebrow*


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3734d ago

Er i mean i got it for Games not for Blu-Films ;-D (or Blu-ray Films)
But it's nice to have Blu-ray Built-in! ;-P I'm waiting for Star wars on Blu-ray...a Hi-Def R2-D2!!! ;-P (Thats my P0RN!!!) ;-D
+I play PS1+PS2 games on it a lot to;) +i watch normal outdated ;-D DVD's on it + Surf the Web etc etc...

+The Title should say -

'Report concludes PS3 saved Blu-ray, and Killed the xBox 360!!!' ;-D

Pain3733d ago

Is a Pissed off Asian guy throwing Chairs Ballmer style Screaming: GOD DAMN U MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!!

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MetalFreakMike3734d ago

The games man, I brought it for the games.

Panthers3734d ago

Guys, it doesnt say that BluRay saved the PS3, it says that the PS3 saved Bluray, which is 100% true.

Adamalicious3734d ago

Seriously. Why are people so confused?

yesah3734d ago

well the ps3 is a pretty amazing machine isnt it? :P

Hagaf223734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

think of the first ps3s out. they all came with talledega nights(not to mention the 80g, that comes with spiderman), so if every original owner watched just that one blu ray, they used it to watch a blu ray. plus take in to account the the ps3 is the best blu ray player out due to the highly consistent support and the price of it compared to other blu rays on the market.

Maddens Raiders3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

had an after - effect of saving Blu-ray as well (as if this is news)?

Say what what you may, but Ken Kutaragi deserves a Nobel.

~Long live 11|17|2006~ the machine that just keeps on giving.

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