Burnout Paradise To Introduce Planes

Criterion is thinking about moving beyond terrestrial vehicles altogether, though, and has announced that, after it's done with the Cagney update, it'll begin working on introducing planes into Burnout Paradise.

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ice_prophecy3665d ago

This company is really nurturing their product O_O

fusionboxer3664d ago

This is actually a bit of surprise. When I first read the headline I thought it was just a rumor.

Anyway I never ended up buying burnout paradise, but it's definitely a must buy now due to the facts that criterion chose the ps3 as the lead platform, worked through the supposed pains of developing for it (without complaining like female genitals), is working on supporting trophies, keeping ps3 updates on time, and on top of all that adding DLC that would completely change the landscape of the game.

DavidMacDougall3664d ago

Yeah im to get this on monday dont know why i never borthered with it when it first came out

agentace3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

EA sent me an email saying this, WHAT i want to know is how did they get my email and how did they know i had burnout AND how did they know my name, i signed up for an EA account after that seeing as they all know all my details and stuff already lol

pwnsause3665d ago

if you have a PSN account, your information gets sent to EA, same with the 360

kazuma3665d ago

you gotta be sh*tting me...

Ri0tSquad3665d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I love the support they're showing this game. Makes me glad I brought it.

ape0073664d ago

this will end the spirit of burnout

don't do this

foucus on racing

road rage

crash mode

all of them in paradise are worse than burnout 3 and revenge

f*** openended,freedome gameplay

I've had enough with gta

this is burnout guys


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The story is too old to be commented.