Console Monster: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review

Console Monster writes: "The Guitar Hero franchise has been around for a while now, pleasing fans with its unique rhythm based gameplay and guitar controller. Or rather, it was unique until the recently released Rock Band, which added to the formula by including drums and a mic alongside the guitar. The next Guitar Hero game looking to overshadow Rock Band is... Guitar Hero: Aerosmith?

That's right folks, the next Guitar Hero game is nearly entirely based on the legendary rock group, Aerosmith. Now, I know that most Aerosmith nuts will have already stopped reading by now and are half way to the shop to buy the game. However, is it really a smart move to base an entire game on a single group? The simple and blunt answer: not if you're going to charge £45 for it.

For anyone still left out there that doesn't know the concept behind Guitar Hero, head over here to read our Guitar Hero 3 review. There is simply no point in me going over it all again, as the core gameplay and design have remained unchanged. What the new title does bring to the lineup is really not much. You get around 40 new songs (most of them by Aerosmith), the ability to jam out as Aerosmith, and a few short documentary clips featuring the band; basically lots of Aerosmith stuff..."

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