World of WarCraft: Level 70 is Only the Beginning writes:

"Out of the ten million WoW players, less than five percent are interested or even aware of end-game content. Most players know that level 70 is the highest level that you can achieve; however, many of them don't know that level 70 is where the most interesting part of WoW begins...."

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dktxx23730d ago

WoW needs to get easier. The Burning Crusade was a joke. It takes too much time to do anything. Want to kill Illidan? Well say goodbye to your life. Blizzard needs to stop catering to the harcore raiders and make the game accessible to everyone, the people that work, go to school, or whatever. WoTLK is a great start, with most raids able to be done with 10 or 25 people. They just need to make it so that you can play an hour a day an accomplish something.

Drekken3730d ago

Thats why I quit. I used to play all the time, but it was more like a second job than a game.

thereapersson3730d ago

My friend told me that I don't have to devote all my time to get far in the game, but the only way to get great gear and level up a lot is to sit and play the game for days on end. I should know, because that's all he does; he doesn't even play his game systems or other PC games because WoW takes up most of his time.

Ghoul3730d ago

totally agree

i totally LOVE wow i was on the start players playing wow to level 60 with noone knowing anything about the game was awesome, epic, breathtaking, but after 2 months it came to me taht i would have to regularly raid and party up just to proceed wich went to a hardcore stiff timescedule where you where forced to play the game or get thrown out of it. i quit with a tear in my eye and i so would love a wow that is more open to selfdecided playtime instead of those massive amounts of training and gaming you need to proceed. :(

ChampIDC3729d ago

I know what it's like to have my life eaten away at by scheduled raid times on WoW. I got myself out of it eventually, but it had already put a nice scar in my life. I don't think they should make raids easier though. I've seen how much work people have put into raids (me being one of them), and it would be a slap in the face to all those raiding faithfuls if they dumbed down raids.

Bloodwar3729d ago

Blizzard is probably trying to figure a way they can keep the 9.5 million (95 percent) players happy who are not hard core rather than to worry about the other 5 percent (500,000) who are. They should try to keep everyone happy, but they are getting a larger investment from the casual gamers than they are with the hardcore. Its a subscription based game. They need the casual gaming market to stay on top.

On the console side of things, it is a whole different ball game. The hard core gamers are part of the big picture. Just because Nintendo has a majority of the casual gaming market, doesn't mean they are the more successful gaming machine out there. 24 million people may own Wii, but more games are being bought on the 360 or the PS3. A majority of the Wii crowd are buying the Nintendo developed console for the Nintendo developed games. The majority of the PS3 or 360 crowd are buying their consoles because there are good games being developed by both the console developers themselves as well as the 3rd party.

ChampIDC3729d ago

Well, outside of raiding, there is plenty of stuff to do in the game, so it's not like the casual players are left out. There's a fair amount of level 70 five-man dungeons and plenty of stuff to do pvp-wise.

I can understand why they would want to cater raiding more to the casual player, but after being a hardcore player at one point, I would be against such a move.

Daxx3729d ago

I'm deciding to quit WoW myself because if I were to become a hardcore raider or pvper I would have to give up every bit of my social life. WoW is becoming more like a job and less like a game over the past few years and I, for one, would rather be playing a game than working at a second job.

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Sheddi3730d ago

i just like the picture

just to say something about the article...hmmm that game takes up too much time? no?

ChampIDC3729d ago

Yeah, I've always loved this particular pic as well as the Blizz inspired art style as a whole (and no, not just cus the pic is hot, even though it is).

vic_doom3730d ago

what the hell was with that video? i laughed so hard. i assume that had something to do with wow, as i dont play

beavis4play3730d ago

i don't get WoW. why do people devout so much of their life to a game? and i love games. especially ones with great stories or co-op. but WoW isn't a "game". it seems to consume people like an addiction. it takes too much time and the planning required seemingly makes it a job. games being a part of my life is great. i game at least 1-2 hrs a day (average - but i'll play for 8-12 hrs when games like uncharted,ratchet,MGS4 come out). but, games shouldn't have to be MY WHOLE LIFE. nope....i don't get WoW.

BoneMagnus3729d ago

It is a virtual world that some prefer over the real world.

In WOW, a guy can be a level 50 whatever with all the cool gear, and get recognized for his accomplishments. This is preferrable to his assistant manager position at Quick Trip and his studio apartment.

I'm not saying ALL WOW players are like this, but I've heard plenty of stories about the sacrifices of real-life obligations and opportunities from people who are trying to overcome addiction to the game. The bottom line is always the same - a sense of dissatisfaction with one's life and at least a mild depressive mood.

ChampIDC3729d ago

It's a friendlier life away from real life. That's why it consumed me until my real life perked up and pulled me away.

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