darkzero Review: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Darkzero writes: "There are probably two types of people who are looking into this game. Group 1 doesn't really play PC games and are wondering if it is worthwhile to test out Quake Wars. I can say that if you are a huge fan of shooters than Quake Wars might just be worth your time.

If you are a fan of fancy graphics then the game won't do anything for you and you'll probably be turned away by the ancient look of the game. People who don't care for graphics will find a game that's quite fun and somewhat unique in its multiplayer shenanigans. The classes are more complex and objective focus driven then any of the other multiplayer shooters out there.

The other group will be people who have played the PC game, or have a decent gaming PC machine. If you are in this group then it's easy to tell you that you should stick to the superior PC version."

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