Flash Player upgraded thanks to Firmware 2.4 writes:"another hidden upgrade has been found and that is the ability to play Flash games in the Playstation 3's web browser. Some people have reported that you could do that before 2.4 came out, but it seems now that a lot more people can play Flash games with their PS3's with firmware 2.4 installed."

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Nitrowolf23735d ago

i for have not tried it because no internet to PS3 but i new that you could always play flash games (not all)
the problem was that the only thing that you could do is move around side to side
and i had visisted newgrounds b4 also and it worked but not on everthing
and ive played sonic on PS3 b4 but could not jump cause the PS3 would cause the page to skip down when you pushed space

TheBadOne3735d ago

This is bullsh** because flash games have always been working on the ps3 before 2.40 it would be nice to get a real flash player ~~~uh i dont know .. maybe ***FLASH PLAYER 9****

Nitrowolf23735d ago

i agree but wont hit the agree because like i said
but im not really sure on it
that b4 2.4 when you hit space bar in a game it would just cause the page to move down.
can someone with no 2.4 test this on that sonic game
and can some with 2.4 test if you can push a,d,w, and different combination for certain games and c if the work
i tries to play SF2 online but could only move my character and that was it

Ben10543735d ago

playing games on my ps3 when it was about firmware 1.5

Ri0tSquad3735d ago

Is locked to the system that the PSN ID is on. Nice find though and it works.

Ben10543735d ago

if its locked to the system tomorrow,
dont think it is though

crazy250003735d ago

now i can play warhawk again =)

Alcohog3735d ago

Link isn't workin for me. What is the feature you are talking about?

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Isaac3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Xbox fanboys have had it since 3 years ago.



Uh guys, for a reason I wrote "Xbox fanboys", as in "I complain verbatim on every topic". Why did you miss the irony in this? I should not even have to explain the rest... Maybe I should have just written "Oh wait", but I thought it would have been too obvious.

ViRaL-3735d ago

They're talking about the web browser...
I'm pretty sure 360 doesnt have one

Lumbo3735d ago

Xbox360 has a browser and full internet access? thats news to me ...

Ben10543735d ago

unlike xbox, which still doesnt

Isaac3735d ago

It is sarcasm, humor, irony. Never doubted you, but even then you guys failed.

Infernus3734d ago

Was funny but sarcasm doesn't convey very well online. I try not to go that route lol, is funny watching the reaction though I have to admit.

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Angelitos3735d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, they think they have the full experience with the fixme dvd player. Poor Xbots, the fixme dvd player doesnt even have internet web browsing like the PS3. Poor Xbots, they cant play flash games from the web like the PS3.

Poor Xbots

juuken3735d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.