GameCell: Battlefield: Bad Company Review

With many pleasingly destructive hours interspersed by even more spectacular set pieces, the Bad Company campaign is a cracking adventure, and manages to be what some other big name FPS weren't - fun, from start to finish. It's an important ingredient in any game, and regardless of the quality of a game, if it's too much of a grind or just too draining because of the dramas involved then nobody is going to want to play it for long, whereas with B:BC the hours simply vanish.

But the real bad news for FPS and clan game aficionados out there is that you need to get your wallet out again; Battlefield Bad Company is yet another one to add to your collection. The Frostbite game engine might get a little twitchy at times, but it does things others just aren't capable of, and DICE should be proud.

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