Game Focus: Protöthea Review

Game Focus writes: "Protothea is a very interesting concept which fails in every regard on some level and that is actually more frustrating then fun in the end. But I am still very interested in the actual game because it does seem to be more like a potential game concept with a possible future in a new game then what it is now. The concept has promise, so much so it should give budding Wii Ware developers some ideas on what to do, but it will also give them ideas on what not to do.

Protothea is a top down 360 degree shooter with ground and air weapons, using the Wiimote and Nunchuck controller you guide your ship through various levels. Taking what is a classic game type and trying to make it their own has interesting aspects and effects."

- Huge potential for this type of game concept on the Wii, but poorly implemented

- Controls just do not feel right
- Classic Controller support is needed
- Graphics are very poor even for the power of the Wii
- All of the Audio is just poor overall
- Gameplay is far from good, but has potential
- Difficult game

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