Game Focus: Sealife Safari Review - If you Loved Pokemon Snap: You like this game

Game Focus writes: "If you played Pokemon Snap on the N64, then you already know the gameplay of Sea Life Safari. For the uninitiated, you are helping a professor with his research on marine life. You help out by taking pictures of all the sea creatures. Your submersible is on "rails" (that is it follows a path that is unable to be changed by the player) and the player can rotate around, looking through a camera lens. Along your travel over the level, you will see many varied types of sea creatures, crabs, fish, jellies, octopuses, sea mammals and maybe even a mythical creature or two. Line up your shot, zoom in and out, and take a picture! Easy as that."

-Lots of replayability with secret areas, special pictures
-Very beautiful game
-Different than what is out there

-More levels please
-Missed an amazing opportunity to teach as well as entertain
-Some may find this game slow

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