Game Focus: RooGoo Review

Game Focus writes: "RooGoo is a cute little game on XBLA, that features the Roo (cute little animals) vs. the Moo (slightly scarey cute little animals). The leader of the Moo captured the falling shapes that used to be a source of joy for the Roo, and has used them to power his cities. Now all the good little Roo have changed into evil little Moo, the few Roo left uncorrupted by power have to save their world.

How do they do this? Shapes will fall from the sky, and basically you have to fit the shapes through a series of spinning shape sorters. The shapes fall through, stack up, and continue falling. If you do not line up the shape sorter correctly, the shapes fly off into oblivion, and your "lose" meter goes up. Lose meter hits the top, you ... well... you lose."

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