No Trophies in Older PS3 Titles… Who Cares?

There's been a recent uproar on the internet with gamers getting increasing angry that older PS3 titles will not be patched for Trophy support. Honestly, what's the big deal? Is earning a few Trophies and boosting your Level that important to you? Is it really going to make you replay all of your old games?

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MaximusPrime3663d ago

i didnt know that there is a "recent uproar"

I dont even care about trophies in older titles. but it would be nice.

drunkpandas3663d ago

Yeah check out comments on any stories where it's announced that a developer will not be adding Trophies to certain older titles (most recently CoD4 and GRiD)

Genesis53663d ago

I've got a backlog of games as it is now. I can't see myself going back and playing to many of the older games just to get trophies.

It would be nice but I just don't have the time.

JD_Shadow3663d ago

CoD4 I can see not getting any trophy support since I guess they want to work on other titles (and they are right that CoD4 was released a while back, so it might not make a difference at this point). I can see the point in it since it was a GOTY candidate, but there's not too many that are going to go and storm Infinity Ward's offices over it because they did explain their reasoning.

GRiD and Codemasters, though, has no excuse. The game just recently came out, it's still being advertised, and people are still playing the game. That is only the developers being lazy and not wanting to do anything with it when another game that has been beating GRiD in sales anyway is going to be offering full trophy support. It's a lack of wanting to compete and a sense of bias (the reason behind THAT outcry). There was no reason whatsoever given. And the outcry is over how STUPID they are being to not want to compete with the other big arcade racing game out right now.

yesah3662d ago

but some people still haven't bought the older games, and want trophies when they do.

Armyless3662d ago

(along with the PAIN trophies)

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aftrdark213663d ago

I only have a couple of older games I would actually replay. However to some ppl I'm sure it's a problem.

Game on!

drunkpandas3663d ago

To the people who think it's a problem, I just don't understand. You bought the games without trophy support, so it's not like you're getting short-changed. The developers are working on other new projects, so they don't have the time and man-power to devote to adding Trophies to older titles.

aftrdark213663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

However, I think some developers would want to add trophy support b/c it might make some ppl go repurchase old games.

[email protected] Yep you are correct again. People need to realize that some of the developers may not have the time or manpower to work on new games and patch and older title at the same time. However if they could spare the time it could prove profitable. And also if their new game is a sequel they might get new ppl interested in their games.

drunkpandas3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

You have to weight your choices. If there's a new game on the horizon, you don't want to do anything that would jeopardize shipping on time or adding new features or tweaks. For developers that aren't deep into new game development, I think it's a possibility.

[email protected] - Good points. Bubbles for you! I agree about the sequel thing, as long as development timelines aren't tight as it is.

Sevir043663d ago

Personally the old games never had this function and Sony came late to this achievement incentive game that MS is doing successfully. while it would be cool if they did. I simply cant see it happening. like i said before Trophies for the new titles should be a must. but to have developers go back to a game in there back catalog on the PS3 and devote more time money and resource when their future titles could use that is asking them jump through hoops. just like the Dualschock 3 it should be supported in all future games, the past ones dont need it. Yeah it may give some gamers a reason to support the dev and buy it but, i'd rather them do it mandatory for the new titles.

Great if they do who cares if they dont for past games it's the new ones that matter.

I purchased the games without it them and had fun. if trophies never came out i'd still be playing them without it.

as long as Sony makes it manditory then their games will get more play time and sales. so all this upraor over lazy devs needs to stop. the cost of game development and has jump up quite a bit this gen. Devs cant afford to allocate more resources, time, manpower, money, and energy on things sony should have had from launch, albiet they have it now, on there past games. they have prioties to make a great game now. and the ones that are upcoming can support this feature but not the past, at least not from 3rd parties anyway.

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Vicophine3663d ago

Personally, I'd love trophies in older games, but you don't see me spamming and trolling threads whining about it.

Nitrowolf23663d ago

i would go back a play those game again it would give me something to play them for

drunkpandas3663d ago

Personally, if I wasn't going to go back and play them anyway, getting Trophies isn't going to pull me back.

Angrychinchilla3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I would definitely go back and play most all of my games. I can't wait for the Uncharted patch so i can go back and play through it again. Sure its not terrible if a game doesn't, but I sure as heck would be happy for some extra value for my games

Surfman3663d ago

its the 4792015th articles about the after-new firmware, its getting annoying.

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