Just What Can Kick-Start the PS3 in Japan?

When the PS3's launched back in late 2006/early 2007 it was met with largely disappointing sales in many territories across the globe. Analysts and Sony fans alike increasingly looked to the future to cite possible PS3 titles that could lift sales to PS2 levels.

The latest sales figures from Japan have the PS3 falling steadily back to its pre-MGS4 sales levels drifting way behind the Wii just weeks after it stole headlines and surged past it - admittedly only for one week.

But it does beg the question; if one of the franchises most synonymous with the PlayStation can't rescue the PS3's fortunes, what can? Have people reached a time when software no longer pushes hardware, with consumers making their purchasing decisions based upon media specifications and firmware updates?

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crck3699d ago

Both contain 2 words and a number. Final Fantasy 13 or Playstation 3 Slim.

sonarus3699d ago

Not just FF. PS3 needs a steady stream of games good and bad. When you have a situation of a new ps3 game droping each month then the PS3 will start to pick up.

But yea FF will lift it high

LastDance3699d ago

isnt there trouble in the japanese economy at the moment?...

I've only been there once, but from what i gathered, if anyone was going to be sensible with their money it would be them.

Chris Bosh3699d ago



Just What Can Kick-Start the XBOX 360 in Japan?

rakgi3698d ago

yea Chris they are talking about what's needed for the PS3 to sell in Japan like the WII or PS2 not about beating 360 or anything like that and if you have been following its pretty sad that the PS3 is not doing as well as it should in Japan while I do agree many steady games are needed including RPGs I think a lot of casual games are needed as well I mean the WII is selling like crazy everywhere because its so family friendly...oh and if anyone disagrees about the WII selling like crazy then YOUR CRAZY

plenty a tool3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

plus alot more! sony needs games, and particularly games that appeal to the market over there! a hefty price cut would help loads. but the most important ingredient, but unfortunately something that will not happen for sony, is it needs the wii to go away fast!!

even with the game that the fanboys were claiming would end everything and lift sony from the duldrums(mgs) has seen nothing more than a spurt! sony needs months and months of stellar titles, one here and there doesn't do enough.

and with them bleeding jrpgs to microsoft, that doesn't help either. with microsoft ready to open the check book for exclusivity. plus the high cost of development which coupled with the fact that alot of the jap developers want to expand into other regions, they're seeing multi-platform or just other platforms as a means to an end. especially as people with 360's buy more games than the rest.

bottom line, sony have been stomped by nintendo in every region! none more so than japan. they can only compete with microsoft in NA, and are barely managing 80k a more in europe a month! the playstation brand is not as strong or as impermiable as everyone thought, and with devs from their homeland dropping them for nintendo, or going to microsoft, things aren't gonna change overnight!

the paltry amount that they "outsell"(the worst fanboy word on the net)microsoft, they're gonna stay in third for another year atleast, and not add that much more incentive to go exclusive with them!

ThanatosDMC3698d ago

A godzilla game? "Destroy Japan"... that'd be cool...

A whole country with monsters plus Godzilla??? But it might just be me and playing an hour or so with Rampage on the PS3.

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eyeDEVOUR3699d ago

F_ _ _ l F_ _ _ _ s y XIII

Mr Fancy Pants3699d ago

a Monster Hunter Game? lol
that would do for sure!

AllroundGamer3699d ago

Dragon Quest would be sooo sweet on PS3, after playing DQ8 on PS2 (and playing it software emulated on my PS3 60gb) i converted from FF fan to DQ fan :) the world is just so alive, i also felt like i was watching an anime. "Cor Blimey !!" :)

Sangria3699d ago

If Crapcom didn't canceled Monster Hunter on PS3, i'm pretty sure it would be a hit in Japan. There is also a problem, the big lack of RPGs on PS3. Valkyria Chronicles has not made really huge figures (but still decent), so what can launch PS3 in Japan?

A price drop, casual games or multiplayer-games-that-ar-not- FPS. Something like Sony Smash Bros Brawl. For now, there is maybe Singstar, Buzz, but it's maybe not enough, and there is not only Japan which needs some funny multiplayer games.

Nitrowolf23699d ago

didnt capcom say that they dont do exclusive no more?

Dam i was hoping for MH3 to come to PS3 think about the graphics, Daaaam
but think about it on the Wii
it would look the same but still would be addicting
just one problem i hope capcom wont have laggy ass server
and does the Wii even support keyboards?? how do you communicate in that game then?

Nitrowolf23699d ago

nv i think that was sega

Sangria3699d ago

Yeah, Capcom and exclusivity... Well, i guess a 360 / PS3 Monster Hunter would make enough profit for them, but when we see the HUGE score of 360 after the release of Gundam Blablabla, i guess it would be still profitable for the PS3.

And for the online and Wii, there would maybe some pre-registered sentances "Oh great!", "You are my buddy", "Let's neutralize some creatures", "Good job", etc...