Game Focus: Ticket to Ride Review

Game Focus writes: "Ok, first things first, which came first? The chicken or the egg? In this case it should be "Which came first--the board game or the video game?" I love board games, but video board games are even better! No pieces to lose, the computer can keep track of the score(keeps me from cheating), and on top of that you can still have the family gather around… as long as the batteries are charged in the controllers….Doh!

Developed by Next Level Games and published by Vancouver's Playful Entertainment, Ticket to Ride challenges players to plan cross-country rail routes across North America. The object of Ticket to Ride is to complete train tracks of matching color to the matching color cards in between the destinations that you picked. Sounds easy right? You have to pick your destination cards at the beginning of the game. After that you can play the cards you have or draw from the face up or down deck."

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